Pope Francis Is Preparing The Way For The Antichrist- Is Your Soul Ready?

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece does NOT suggest that the Pope is the Antichrist or the false prophet or that the Catholic Church is not the one, true Church. To the contrary, it is meant to highlight and point out certain very dangerous trends of notable spiritual significance that are taking place under the current pope. 

We at Shoebat.com are committed to the Catholic Faith- the Faith which Christ himself established and the Church against which the gates of hell will never prevail. That commitment means we must- in a spirit of brotherly love- give praise and criticism where it is justly due. Indeed, many of the problems in the Church have throughout history been because of the failure of the faithful to do this.

Ultimately, we are all accountable to God, who is absolutely merciful and absolutely just. That very thought, that His decisions are perfect and final, should drive everybody- and it certainly drives us- to speak truth in charity for the salvation of souls and to the honor of His Church.*** 


The “Gaia” Church. The From Steve Skojec at OnePeterFive (read it all there):

Am I saying that Pope Francis is the False Prophet, or worse, the Antichrist?

No. I am not. 

What I am saying is that he shares some noteworthy characteristics and ideological predilections that have long been foretold to be a feature of these apocalyptic figures. The obsession with the environment. The excessive concern for the distribution of material resources. The condemnation of all war, even just war. The joint worship with Lutherans. The admonition that members of other faiths should not convert to Catholicism. The constant tinkering with sacred teaching and tradition. The scrupulous avoidance of the mention of what we must do to get to heaven. The scrupulous omission of the mention of God in his addresses on world affairs.

If Francis’ role is not that of the Biblical False Prophet, his actions and statements are paving the way for the acceptance of this terrifying creature.

Yes, this is an actual video that Francis put out: