Massive Movement Of US Military Equipment For Exercises Against Russia

A massive US Military convoy was spotted driving through eastern Germany, presumably with the intention of conducting massive military activities with Germany against Russia.

As I noted last week, there is something strange going on with how the west- and Germany in particular– is literally allowing itself to be invaded by Muslim hordes, while at the same time they are turning against Russia. What exactly are our leaders thinking – or to be more specific – what are their exact thought processes that drives them to think that there is some benefit by allowing their nations to be invaded by third-world barbarians and turning against the only nation in Europe that might be able to in terms of manpower and firepower?

This manufactured refugee “crisis”- the US invasion of Ukraine- the rise of Turkey- they are all connected. Prophetically as well as socially, because this is leading one way- to war.

Watch and be ready.



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