Islam Is A Punishment From God For Apostasy- Catholic Priest Arrested By French Government For Preaching Against Islam Tells It Like It Is In Interview With Polish Magazine


Fr. Guy Pages is a French Catholic Priest and the Author of the French book Interrogate Islam. He is criticized for being “too hard” on Islam, when in reality he is one of the few French clergy who is brave enough to take on the issue in spite of public pressure. As Fr. Pages says, Islam is God’s punishment for the apostasy of Europe and the West from the Faith.

Five days ago, he was arrested by the French government and his website shut down per Resistance Republicaine.

This interview about Islam and the West was conducted by Polonia Christiana and translated with Google Translate. It is well worth the read:


Polonia Christiana: The attacks, which took place recently in Paris, shocked the whole of Europe. Probably no one in France, there is no doubt that Islam is a serious problem?

Fr. Pages: I would not be so sure. First of all, Islam does not tell the truth, today – this is a great misfortune. For this reason, Muslims can not convert, and non-Muslims who do not know about Islam, they think he is indeed the religion of good and evil are only fanatics.

 Moreover, the prevailing mentality is now progress, in which what is newer is considered to be better always. Islam – later in the history of Christianity – is seen by many people as something of a more perfect definition of Christianity. The countries of Western Europe, renouncing Christianity, began to promote the Islamization, and the Church itself seems to have nothing against the view that Islam is a religion of good.The road to Islamization of Europe is so open, and around the globe there are alive billion, four hundred thousand Muslims who believe that their mission is to impose sharia on the world.

But the worst is that the European legislation begins to adapt Sharia. For example, in Italy, was a trial of a Muslim who beat and imprisoned his daughter because he met with non-Muslim. Italian judge acquitted the accused on the grounds that he did it for the sake of her daughter, and acted according to their own values.Thus, Islamic law was more important than Italian law.

PC: There are many examples that Muslims living in Europe are living in complete accord with the prevailing laws here, especially glaring, however, it seems is polygamy. Is this a common phenomenon in France?

FP: According to the current rules on the family one man – even if it is not officially avowed polygamist – can have several women with whom they have children. And these women either live with him or declare themselves as single mothers, thereby acquiring the right to grant social housing allocation and any other help.  The man with the family situation may very well live through the social benefits passed its women. In some cases, this monthly support allows you to accumulate quite a substantial fortune. Polygamy is therefore a way of making money.


PC: Why did the French authorities do not prevent such practices in general expansion of Islam?

FP: Because the principle of secularism which postulates the equality of all religions blinds them . French political class does not understand what Islam is and can not understand without reference to Christ.Because Islam exists only to destroy Christianity. When I do not believe in Christ, he is not in a position to know the truth about Islam.


PC: It follows that this secularization opened France to accept Islam …

FP: In France, secularism is a dogma which France is proud of all over the world. It is this secularism is pushing the entire religious life to the private sphere lets give Muslims a place in French society. But – beware! – The place he wants to define the republic wishing to follow Islam in such a way that it has become a “French Islam”.

The French government, instead of fighting against Islam rather looking inside to tame it. Politicians believe that Islam is able to accept the separation of religion from the state domain. Meanwhile, the religion does not allow a similar distinction, because Islam is a totalitarian regime. Of course, Muslims to not admit this, because they are in the majority and temporarily tolerate the government’s policy, which allows them to do taqiyya – the Islamic strategy of lying and pretense. But from the day in which they gain numerical superiority, they want to live according to Sharia, which does not distinguish either the sphere of state from religion, nor the public from the private. Islam then get rid of his “French” is calculated and will be released as it is, or system of rules completely barbaric and totalitarian. The project of creation by the government of the local varieties of Islam, therefore, a false step.


PC: But the government is not enough. What about the French society?

FP: Modern French are completely desensitized to fear the progress of Islam. They think that giving more and more fields Muslims, invest capital for the future on the principle: When you will be in power, it will be so nice for us as we were kind to you . There is another reaction – the hearts of all those responsible for political and social life in France surrendered to fear.

And surrendering to fear is no longer succumbing to Islamization, because Islam means just “surrender”. The French, even when I see the problem, do not have to deal with it, because it hampers their republic, which – in the name of alleged freedom of religion – prohibit them from working. They do not recognize at the fact that Islam is not a religion, but a totalitarian political system – and nothing else. It is the worst system, that can only be because it interferes with even the private lives of people.


PC: Whether in the context of efforts to impose Islamic Sharia law to the world it is at all possible peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims in one country?

FP: No, because Islam’s assumption has divided humanity into Muslims and non-Muslims, and build a wall of hatred between them. The Quran contains hundreds of verses inciting hatred and killing non-Muslims. In his narrative of everything that is not Muslim, is by definition evil and must be destroyed, and the infidels or repent, or will meet their death, or will live under Islamic dominion, accepting his handicapped, lower social status and political.

 Europeans, as non-Muslims, they should be afraid of Islam because Islam wants to make their subjects. Moreover, as already mentioned, the word “Islam” means “submission.” Submission why? Antichrist.Because who else can come after Christ, if not the Antichrist? Islam is coming to destroy the work of Christ. In the religion Jesus is not God, not dead and risen, sins are not wiped, a man believes that he can be saved only if he fills his orders right. It is a system where instead of love practiced blind obedience to the orders of the god, which you do not know and you will never see again.

The ratio of Allah to man is the nature of violence and will be repeated each time in the relationship of Muslims to non-Muslims, male to female, masters to slaves. In the Qur’an Allah forbids the abolition of slavery. Woman in Islam does not have the same dignity as men, there is no right of inheritance as her brother in court its word is worth half of the man’s words, it can also decide itself about his marriage, and so on …

 Non-Muslims should therefore understand that if rejected Christ, they will have the Antichrist. The development of Islam in the West is a tough punishment for apostasy. It is therefore necessary to Westerners ask themselves: Do I want to be a Muslim? Statistically, because everything is moving in this direction. Muslims are convinced that they are right and for this reason they are ready to blow up in the air, kill and impose Islam everywhere.

Therefore, Westerners must become Muslims in order to have peace of mind, or resist. However, they need to know why they can not give up. And for this it is necessary to return to the origins of their identity. It is necessary to re-discover what makes you want to live as free people. The progress of Islam put the Europeans in front of the inevitable choice: either return to Christ, who freed them from the slavery of the demon, or fall into the system seven times worse than that which their forefathers sceneries before Christianity.

PC: Islam is not so – it is claimed – a religion of peace?

FP: When our Lord Jesus Christ left the earth, he transferred power St. Peter, that is, the first pope. We Catholics know, therefore, who to have contact with the problems of faith and morals, “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Mohammed nobody has entrusted his authority. Islam is not able to bring peace to the world, because in itself no principle of unity. There are always those Muslims who would have claimed that the interpretation of the Koran more authentic than their neighbors. For this reason, all of the first caliphs were killed. The only possible political systems in Muslim countries is tyranny. There is another, because in Islam there is no principle of unity. Islam is fear, surrender. Submission why? I did not know, because Allah can not see, and no one really knows who or what he is.

  In Islam, there is the institution of the muftis, people with deep knowledge of religion, who also act as judges. If they find that a man leading a life inconsistent with the principles of Islam, may request to punish him with death. This is called a fatwa – is expressed in writing interpretation of Islamic law, a practice recommended to the Muslims. Fatwa decision can be both arbitrary and ridiculous and absurd. For example, during the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Al-Azhar University in Cairo issued a fatwa that allowed for intercourse Muslim with his late wife and 6 hours after her death. There is also a fatwa in which a Muslim woman working with a man does not belong to her family advised to give him to drink milk from their breasts. In this way, it will be able to develop something between them in the likeness of the mother-son relationship, which excludes the possibility of any sexual relationship, as the incest in Islam is unthinkable.


PC: But Islam is often portrayed as a great religion, and a great civilization. So much is said about the superiority of civilization even Muslim countries over Europe in the Middle Ages …

FP: History shows that Islam never led humanity to any degree of perfection. Yes, we sometimes hear: just look at Andalusia, watch miniature Persian from the fourteenth century … But it’s not Islam that has created everything, but Islamized conquered peoples, who have managed to preserve their native cultures the seeds of their own abilities, which resulted not because of Islam, but in spite of him.

In Andalusia, the Muslims they found what created the Roman civilization and Christian. Arab builders of mosques and medics were Christians – they were not Muslims! Today in France, even the president dares to say that it has brought Islam to Europe treasure of Greek philosophy and ancient. It is false, it is shameless lie! Really because it Islamized Christian Arab, and no Arabs-Muslims, translated into Arabic documents science and Greek philosophy. And they, to avoid persecution, brought with them the documents to Europe.

 Besides, many of these texts were known in the West before the arrival here Arabic translations from Greek. This proves Sylvain Gouguenheim book Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel. Les racines grecques de l’Europe chrétienne ( Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel. The Greek roots of Christian Europe ).

 Muslim countries do not pass never the evolution of economic, technical and scientific. This is due to the ratio of Muslims to God and the world – compared completely false. In Islam you can not grow. The ideal is to return to the Golden Age, which was the VII century, the time of Muhammad. Everything that is progress or evolution, is a sin, because it is cut off from the perfect start. Islam is destroying everything: you have to clean up everything to get to zero – because only then it will be some that will not be around evil … because there will be nothing at all.


PC: You are not afraid to proclaim the priest so extreme anti-Islamic views in the country so dominated by fear?

FP: I am well known in some radical Islamic circles, getting death threats, scare me, torture and death; clear, then, that after some neighborhoods there I walk. As for the rest, I believe that you should not be afraid.You have to be wise, but you can not live in fear. Jesus said: Do not fear those who kill the body but can not kill the soul. Rather fear him who both soul and body in Gehenna (Mt 10: 28-29).

 Islam has always imposed itself by fear – caused by the repulsive methods it uses: massacres, torture … Some people are willing to renounce their faith and become Muslims in order to avoid these horrible things. Do not accept this. You have to realize that it is a greater value to die than to become a Muslim. The only firewall able to stop the expansion of Islam is the faith of people ready to give their lives to bear witness to the truth – as did Christ.