War Brews On The Horizon- US Military Delivers 5000 TONS Of Ammunition To Germany For “Training Exercises”



The news media says this is for “training purposes,” but I highly doubt it. Especially in light of the Muslim chaos in Germany and the US’ threats directed against Russia.

The real question to ask is “Are those round FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) or JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)?” Because if the answer is JHP, then you know that it’s NOT being used for training, because that kind of ammunition is make for killing animals and people.

Via NBC News:

More than 5,000 tons of U.S. Army Europe ammunition arrived at a port in Germany last week — the largest single Europe-bound shipment in more than a decade.

Some 415 containers, with a variety of small arms, combat vehicle ammunition, artillery rounds and similar munitions, were loaded onto trains at the north Germany port of Nordenham and taken to a U.S. Army depot in Miesau, where they were being sorted Monday and readied for distribution.

The “critical shipment” comes amid a re-aligning of NATO forces along the alliance’ eastern flank and recent talk of a “new Cold War” between Russia and the West.

Forces will already rely on the new stockpile during an upcoming U.S. Army Europe training exercise, Anakonda 2016, which will take place in Poland in June and will involve 20,000 multinational troops.

Officials say that the maintaining of large stockpiles of weapons’ ammunition in Germany “allows U.S. and NATO forces to quickly access ammunition and other supplies for short notice NATO operations.”