My Horrific Experience When The Devil Showed Up And I Refused To Take His Mark

satan_tempting_jesus_5By Walid Shoebat

“I will publicly mark him and warn others that he is now living in a fantasy world” the warning said as Theodore perused his twitter messages. Theodore received a threat regarding his father (me) that he will be receiving some dreaded mark. Alarmed at this, Theodore showed me.

It was none other than Dr. Michael Brown from the “Ask Dr. Brown” show who can answer the toughest theological questions one can muster up and now he came to give Theodore an ultimatum, that his father will receive some sort of public mark of shame unless we all repent and gain acceptance throughout his community. According to Dr. Brown, we needed him to lift up a curse (made by him) and receive his anointing to be cleansed. But as it turns out, such anointing is akin to the mark of the beast, where I would have to denounce not only my own son, but my convictions, where at some point in time he was even trying to pit us against each other. From February 16th to February 21, six days of hell, we had to endure his attempted exorcism as if we were possessed by demons when the whole time the exorcist was behaving like one.


So many threatening messages we got from this ‘Bible answer man’ saying that unless I take down an article I wrote in response to him, regardless that it was he who drew first blood and we simply responded.

Now I “will be marked” by him for the whole Evangelical elites to cast me out as a “blasphemer” even though he showed no evidence of any blasphemy.

This was my official excommunication from some self-appointed authority who represents God Almighty Himself.

In everything he wrote it was God who spoke through him.

So he claims.

My crime for being “marked” by God was that my article in response to his attack stated that several anti-gay activists (him being one of them) kowtowed to the homosexual god when they denounced us and said that Jesus would never kill gays. Mind you, young Theo was speaking of homosexual perverts, pedophiles and gay rapists in his video that caused them all the anger.

But it was’t just that. Brown’s message had another issue: “You’ve either both changed radically or else I never knew who either of you were“. Our crime was that we examined church history and began to examine how Christianity was practiced throughout the ages during the times where victories were accomplished. We were different from the typical American Evangelical Christians of today where activists are fighting to defeat a neutral gender toilet.


For poking at such issues, it was as if it was Michael who was Christ and it was time for us to be cast into the abyss with “I never knew you”.

Never mind that we are supposed to be on the same-team fighting the sodomite agenda, as they do in the east and succeed. Brown in our phone conversation even admitted that the east has won. He wanted us to fight western-style by passing bottled water as he does during the gay parades. We had to become western and our theology must stem from John Wesley and the Great Awakening to become the “born again” Christians of recent origin.

Wondering if this had to do with our apostolic-succession views, we asked the ‘ask Dr. Brown’ (who has answers for everything theological), if this was the case. He responded: “the Catholic issue was not the big issue for me” insisting that “Many Catholics are brothers”.

Having become comfortable at this prospect, but when all pressure failed to have us take down our article, this Bible answer man would turn on a dime. For refusing to take down our dreaded article, this messenger of God concluded that we are not even Christian:

“I pray you will truly come to know the Lord — or return to Him. He will have mercy on you if you do. You know nothing of the fruit of the spirit, your tongue is out of control, and you are endangering your own soul and the souls of others.”

So he lied. We according to him were all of the sudden “not brothers” because we wrote a derogatory article in response to his.

It was rather terrifying. Throughout the whole week’s worth of exchanges, the man acted as if he was God who was telling me that My ‘tongue’ was ‘out of control’. Never mind the tongues of millions produced at his Brownsville Revival, since these had “the fruits of the spirit” which were missing in us.

This was ‘genuine tongues’ while “I thank you Lord that we do not have to know the right way” as this girl uttered, was God’s will. Such utterances will not gain an excommunication, of course.

He writes Theodore: “Brownsville — I was an eyewitness to more than 800 meetings, and it was a glorious, Jesus-centered move of God.”

In everything the charismatic says, you have to almost add a chapter and verse as if it was canonical scriptures, all the while they scream “sola scriptura”.

The “I am God” complex, always uses terminology that is obscure, never seen since the patristic fathers who we closely examine and they completely reject. Strength was translated as “harsh tone” and standing firm on truth is translated to “your position we feel hurts our witness”.

Brown complained it was our “calls for new Crusades that concern me” “You have some very deep issues that need to be resolved before the Lord.” All the wars by the crusades to reclaim Jerusalem were evil and we needed to view the Billy Graham type evangelism as the only true crusade.

These were just a few of the actual messages we received from the Almighty through Brown to give to us. It is the typical lingo of modern times, the typical shaming to control and conform to the new way.

Brown’s interrogations were indeed, the mental tormenting gestapo, where pressure is applied in several separate messages with the dreaded “we will mark you”. And when you do not heed and all fails, it was this fake piety “I pray for you truly come to know the Lord” since we “know nothing of the fruit of the spirit”.

God gave Brown the authority to announce we were not Christian.

Brown insisted that we needed to “return” as if we left God in the first place. He thinks he has a holy-spirit radar where the Lord speaks to him and reveals the inner hearts of men where God told Michael to give us an ultimatum of his approval or receive his dreaded “mark” whatever that means.

After standing my ground, I finally got the curse in a follow-up message as the arm twisting failed:

“I will follow Paul’s counsel and no longer interact with you as a divisive and self-deluded soul. Go ahead and glory in it. That only confirms your deception.”

The charismatic uses the word “divisive” whenever you disagree with his theology all the while they forget  that they have caused so many divisions. It reminded me when I first entered the American style Evangelical church where I simply wanted to serve God to only get entangled with years of endless and fruitless research to find which of these was the true path: debates on anti-Pre-Destination by Michael Brown while he supports the Brownsville revival and the neo-charismatic movement, while pre-destination advocate John Macarthur condemns Calvary Chapel, Brown and the charismatics. Then I had to review John Macarthur and how he was condemned by Brown and pro-Calvary Chapel Jacob Prasch who rightly compares John Calvin, the great reformer to the “Taliban”.


Endless divides by the most divisive brand of Christians in history. Michael Brown disagrees with pre-destination’s Calvinist James White. Then you have debates by Michael Brown with White over White’s Calvinism vs. Brown’s Arminianism. Then you have his debates whether speaking in tongues ceased (Cessationism or Charismania) to deal with the catastrophes of his movement. He now had to combat hyper-grace (all the insanity movement which he caused in the first place) all the while they all divide over when they are going to bail out: pre-tribulation, mid-Tribulation, post-Tribulation or the newest pan-Tribulation. Brown would never condemn these as “divisive” but simply debate issues where John Piper says: “when I say that everything that exists — including evil — is ordained by an infinitely holy and all-wise God”. All of such heresy was dealt with by the great Church Father, St. John of Damascus.

Indeed, some of these worship the devil disguised as God Who would never ordain “evil”.

They spend their lives with sophist arguments spinning over issues of scripture that the patristic fathers already settled in the beginning of the history of the church, while at the same time, Brown says that we do not even need the fathers in order to isolate the sheep.

Never believe such nonsense. The devil isolates son from father and father from patristic fathers and then from The Father above. The patristic fathers were the FIRST who followed scripture, and were taught by the best passing down what the apostles interpreted already.

Indeed. This is the whole crux of the matter.

He says he relies on “sola-scriptura” while he rejects twenty centuries of church teachings as if he discovered everything anew and Christ failed to “build My church” until this wolf came along. Always remember, wolves come in sheep clothing.

“All we need is scriptures” he says, but then says that he receives private revelations from God in addition to it, and makes failed prophecies, while his speech is always that God told him this and God told him that. They affirm such revelations so long ‘it doesn’t go against the word of God’ which truly means “my private interpretation of the word of God” is the will of God.

The church fathers are above such reprobates. It was Saint Anthony (c. 251–356) who was a Christian monk from Egypt who predicted this very phenomenon:

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’”

This mad-man tried applying all the typical psychology, Brown writes us with: “You and Theodore have obviously been stung by rejection and you are speaking out of deep hurt.” All this while he forgets that he was doing all the “stinging” and his acceptance was only to “remove the hurt”.

In every message there was an added curse “to be marked” “deceiver” “self-deluded soul” and so many phrases with “liar” ad nauseam.

This was not just the typical American style arm-twisting tactic I am well familiar with where you apply pressure then let go until the subject submits. It was a spiritual water-boarding which the only way out is to either submit to the will of a wolf acting on behalf of God, or for me to sprinkle more holy water and cast out the demon.


I decided to entertain the whole fiasco with his relentless attempts. The experience was more like we both were doing an exorcism on each other. It reminded me so much when Christ was taken to a high mountain and tested. The communiqué was littered with mixed messages with the same repetitions “I will mark  you” while at the same time he says “I will pray for you” and that he is “reaching out” to us “in love”. They always use such phrases, just as Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss.

But when all failed, all the love vanished. This charismatic gestapo transferred to my son thinking he was pursuing the weaker vessel:

“Theodore, I am marking your father, not you at this point. He is out of touch with reality, and there’s no purpose in interacting with him. If you renounce his lies, we can dialogue.”

This predator began to hone-in on my own son telling him that all he needed to do to gain his acceptance was to renounce his father who just received his dreaded mark. Theodore responded:

For the last time STOP trying to put a wedge between me and my father. You have children of your own and I am amazed at how you are still carrying out your attempt to put a schism between me and my dad. Shame on you … I do not need YOU to reach out to me Michael. I am in no need of any guidance from you. I already have two fathers, my father on earth whom I am proud about and my Father in heaven Whom I seek guidance from. Please STOP. You are insulting us.

He responded:

All clear, I will not try to reach out to you, but again, I am marking your father, not you, since you have not made or repeated his lies and fabrications.

The devil wanted Christ to deny His heavenly Father and now this reprobate wants Theodore to denounce his earthly father. Theodore would never fall for the tricks.

At this point I had enough of this. I intervened and wrote him:

“Just make sure you do your best in marking me and speaking all sorts of calumny against me. It really does bless me.”

His “mark” was my blessing and his “redemption” was my curse.

In a mixture of piety and utter vengeance, we were given two choices, take down the article or suffer the consequences: the dreaded mark of the charismatic gestapo.

This claiming “man of God” was angry, keep in mind, for responding to one of his articles attacking us. We simply challenged back and asked him to stop bending the knee to the homo-god.

Having had enough of the demonically inspired messages, thats when I asked Theodore to step aside. Such warfare requires an older shepherd. Initially, Theodore too was to be marked as guilty. That mark was lifted when I refused to be arm-twisted to only have Mr. Brown attempt to lure my own son, to arm-twist him too, to extract a statement from Theodore to denounce his own father.

“I am ending this discussion now and will be marking you in the days to come.” It was almost as he forgot to add at the end of the line “(The Epistle of Brown chapter 3 verse 16)”

I finally had to expose what he had left out of all his diatribe, the real lie:

“No. You lied. You even lied about Jesus Himself when you said that He would not kill gays as if God is not the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus killed gays as the Lord (the Son) rained fire and brimstone from the Lord (the Father above) in heaven [Genesis 19:24]. This did not even phase you. Was that too a lie? No Michael. I will not entertain your message with your demand for full submission.”

It was as if I was Father Merrin (the older priest) and Theo was Father Karras in the movie the Exorcist who just discovers the possessed Dr. Brown.

So I was marked. Mind you, I was the “liar” but then he abruptly sends us another strange communiqué that he would “lift off the mark” on the condition we agree to lie and make a public announcement. He even concocted our own words:

“Why not state simply and without equivocation that in your zeal to defend your son and his beliefs you wrongly and falsely attacked others, and for that you apologize … That would be sufficient for me to say, “Walid is not willfully spreading malicious and blasphemous lies, and I am continuing to dialogue with him in a constructive way. Based on his actions, I am not marking him.”

I was baffled. How could God mark me and then all of the sudden have His servant Brown unmark me by announcing a lie. I was demanded to tell a lie to be forgiven for telling the truth.

The public threat he published was to muster Christian leaders throughout the world to denounce Theodore’s view:

“It is my privilege to work with godly leaders throughout America and around the world, a good number of whom are frontline, fearless Christians who stand firmly against homosexual activism, and every single one of them would join me in renouncing Theodore Shoebat’s words … “

The real “fearless Christians” are the Copts, the Serbs, the Georgians, or the Orthodox throughout the world all the way back to the patristic fathers who denounced sodomy as “worthy of death”. All the likes of Brown want to do is to solicit apostolic-succession Christians to denounce the sacraments and holy ways set by our patristic fathers. In these countries, fighting the homosexual agenda is a real war. For them, its not just about fighting for orthodox values, but defending themselves from an invasion done by foreigners, such as pro-gay rights Americans and members of the European Union. These reject and take the fight seriosuly under the supervision of priests since this is the fight for the soul of their nations:

Of course, this is rejected by the American pastor who thinks that his view has a monopoly on global Christian theology while the apostolic-succession churches, according to these reprobates, has been “marked” and left out by Christ as if their Christianity is the only one. While the apostolic-succession world are unified the Evangelicals are not. Despite such divided theological views within the American Evangelical movement, to preserve an appearance of a unified order, you find Brown sleeping with strange bedfellows like Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, John Kilpatrick and even the anti-Trinity TD Jakes. He would never dare publicly condemn these, but Theodore, according to this sell-out was “completely out of bounds”.

usarussia copy

The harassing messages from Brown went as far as attempting to pit Theodore against his father and father against his son.

The key to recognizing the devil is simple: he is proud and has no meekness and his humility is always presented in crafty lines of ‘love’ and ‘care’ and see ‘how many were saved’ as if these are salvations at all. In one of his messages, he said that I get an “F” on logic. To test this spirit, I responded with a question on our disagreements on theology “The question is what grade is God giving both of us? Do you really know?”

One would think that he would be like the man who had a confessing soul “Jesus Son of David, have merry on me, a sinner”. Not at all. This man knew the mind of God. His response was: “I can assure you that He [God] did not give you a good grade for stating that one of His loyal servants bowed down to a gay activist as god.”

I responded with “I asked for BOTH grades, but you only gave me mine. Has it not been written to look at the grade in your eye before you look at the grade in your brother’s?”

Knowing that he failed a simple Jesus-style question, he quickly made an excuse saying that he was ‘planning to do it later on’.

I responded with: “You hypocrite, FIRST take the plank out of your own eye, and THEN you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

We are required to FIRST look into our own souls before we damn people accusing them of “blasphemy” without showing good cause. Does our belief that  he sold out constitute “blasphemy”?

Brown failed a simple test. He was not sent by God, but was sent to do the will of the devil by sending his best sophist.

The entire battle with Dr. Michael Brown, a messianic theologian who gives the kosher approval stamp for the infamous and weird Brownsville Revival Movement, spends his lifetime arguing against his detractors.  He had lined-up to strike his pen in denunciation saying that Christ would never pass the death penalty for reprobates, pedophiles and gay rapists.

For this, we were floored with threats from him to have us “marked” for condemnation for saying that he bent the knee to the homosexuals. His whole arguments was that Evangelical leaders are not bending the knee to the homo-god and for that he hurled insults back at us: “That is just a blasphemous lie … I only bend my knees to Jesus”.

Brown even wrote to us:

Should there be a death penalty today for homosexual (or heterosexual) rapists, esp. of children? I believe there should be a severe penalty — perhaps even life in prison without parole, esp. for premeditated violent acts — but generally speaking, I only advocate for the death penalty when a life is taken (Gen 9:6).

Death penalty for only murderers, but not pedophiles and rapists? No wonder why America has one of the highest pedophilia rates on earth, because of such a belief.

When we said that Brown bowed down to the homo-god, he didn’t get the metaphor, which I explained in the article. Taking this from Ezekiel’s perspective in chapter 23:20, Israel was spiritually whoring around where God described them as copulating with a donkey. Where the Jews into beastiality? No. The truth is that the American anti-gay activists have sold out the farm on theological soundness that has always been the accepted norm, all for the sake of political correctness.

When Jesus told Peter “get thee behind Me satan”, did Jesus literally say that Peter was Lucifer? No. This Bible answer man did not understand that at times what we do is to carry out the will of the devil when we sin.

I was even more amazed at this Bible answer man when I asked him, “killing gay child raping pedophiles,” is not what Jesus would have ever done? “I only advocate for the death penalty when a life is taken (Gen 9:6)” responds Michael to our question on the death penalty for such reprobates.

With the devil, no matter how much he twists your arm, just make sure you sprinkle more holy water. Brown finally gave up:

“Rather than removing the article — or even changing the title — you simply justify your attacks, saying it’s all metaphorical (which is still a blasphemous lie) and then you mischaracterize our private interaction here and increase your attack on me. This is hardly an act of repentance; it is an act of re-entrenching your position. I truly did my best to interact and took time to answer your questions when I should have been working on other projects. So be it, but I’ll not engage further here. May the Lord’s mercy be yours and may He help you to see the destructive work you are doing in the name of righteousness.”

He forgets, he attacked, we simply defended. The schismatic will always look for any reason to portray you as “an attacker” and he “the victim” when the whole time he was simply a “predator”.

Be careful that your sons and daughters are approached by someone announced as a “godly man,” who “has all the answers”. Forget “Ask. Dr. Brown” and consult the patristic fathers to see how the Bible was interpreted. Lastly, resist the devil and he will flee as is the case here.

(instead of all these divisive leaders just find a good monk and forget all the noise and drum)