AUSTRALIA: Muslim brothers dress up as Arab terrorists & carry out fake drive-by shootings and suicide bomb hoaxes

By BI: The Jalal brothers, Max, 20, Arman, 18, and Rebeen, 16, were arrested by counter terrorism police after sparking outrage with a suicide bomber hoax video and ‘drive by shooting’ stunt targeting a young girl.


UK Daily Mail  Law student Max, 20, Arman, 18, and Rebeen Jalal, 16, are currently being questioned by police in custody following a month-long investigation into their controversial fake terror attack videos. Counter terrorism command detectives raided the home in South Morang, Melbourne, where the trio live with their parents, at 6.30am on Thursday.

Jalal Brothers

Jalal Brothers

The brothers, who dress up in traditional Arab robes and try to scare unsuspecting bystanders in dozens of prank videos, surrendered themselves to police two hours later and they were arrested.

The brothers were slammed for their latest video which showed them firing a fake AK-47 at a five-year-old girl and her father while they were standing by a phone box. The girl was seen running for her life in the disturbing footage which attracted thousands of damning comments.

Little girl and father fleeing

Little girl and father fleeing

‘What happens if there was a police officer there who witnessed that?’ Commissioner Ashton said. ‘It could be a very deadly situation very quickly.’

Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther from Victoria Police told media: ‘Our response has been driven by the changing nature of these posts and the escalation in terms of content. ‘We believe the tipping point has been reached where the content is completely unacceptable and it is in fact criminal. And that is how we will be proceeding with it.

‘They have caused some significant alarm in our community when we already have heightened security.  ‘The videos portray terrorists in a certain way and it causes anxiety and problematic behaviours within the community.

‘It is problematic for police attending incidents like this as there is potential for serious injury and that is of concern to us. This behaviour is not okay.’  He confirmed that police had been investigating the brothers for the past month – but said they have not yet been charged.

Police searched their home for imitation guns, costumes and computers and seized a number of items. They are considering firearms charges, assault charges, and also recovering any money the brothers may have made from posting the videos, according to the ABC.

AC Guenther also told the press conference that there had been some ‘parental involvement’ in the arrests today. He said police are now now looking at taking the videos down, but pointed out that they are held offshore, so there could be some complications.

Some of the more shocking moments in their videos include hurling suspicious parcels at random strangers before sprinting off and staging the kidnap of a woman on a busy Gold Coast street. One of the ‘entertainers’ is also seen appearing to simulate a sex act with a chicken in a spoof version of an MTV Cribs video which also shows a number of the animals being kept in a fridge.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia the day before their arrest, the Muslim brothers defended their antics, claiming that they never wanted to spread fear and that it was all supposed to be ‘funny.’