Archive | February 27, 2017

Christian Missionary Sentenced To Life In A Sudanese Prison For Preaching The Gospel Miraculously Has His Sentence Overturned By The President Of Sudan Himself And Is Returning Home

Last month we profiled how three Christian missionaries in Sudan were sentenced to long prison terms for preaching the gospel to Muslims in Sudan. Two of them received 12 years each but the third, a Czech missionary named Petr Jasek, was sentenced to life in prison. In a miraculous turn of events, Mr. Jasek’s conviction […]

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Hundreds Of Egyptian Christians Are Fleeing For Their Lives As ISIS Promises To Butcher Them All

We reported that ISIS promised to slaughter all the Christians of Egypt and encouraged fellow Muslims to do the same. True to their word, ISIS has been attacking Christians at random and butchering them in broad daylight. The violence has become so bad that hundreds of Christians are reported to be fleeing their homes trying […]

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ISIS Tells Its Followers ‘If You Are Hungry Slaughter An Infidel And Cook Him For Food’

ISIS has a thirst for blood and violence, and we knew their fighters engaged in cannibalism. Now it has come out that ISIS has been openly teaching its fighters to slaughter and eat non-Muslims if they are hungry: Islamic State terrorists are teaching their fighters to eat non-Muslims, it has emerged. A handbook found in […]

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