Archive | February 23, 2017

Muslims Attack A Christian Man And His Son, They Take The Father And Tear Him Apart With Bullets, They Take His Son And Burn Him Alive

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims attacked a Christian father and his son, tearing the father apart with bullets and burning the son alive. As we read in one report: Two Coptic Christians, a father and his son, were found murdered Wednesday in Egypt’s North Sinai, a stronghold of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) […]

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Millions Of Christians Face Certain Death By Starvation As Muslim Terrorists Ravage Farmland And Destroy Crops

Muslim terrorists in Nigeria have been waging a brutal war against the Christians. It is so horrible that US Government just declared that Nigeria is the most dangerous place on Earth to be a Christian. The Muslims have not only been attacking the people, but they have also been going after the farms and crops […]

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UK Arrests And Prosecutes Christian Preachers For Declaring ‘Allah Does Not Exist, Mohammed Was A False Prophet And You Will Go To Hell If You Keep Following Them’

Europe and America were once upon a time known for being places of free speech and expression, especially in comparison to most of the world. Now thanks to political correctness run amok and an obsessive desire to please fringe groups, it has become increasingly criminal to speak about basic issues and social problems without being […]

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