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Man Has Argument With His Father Over Pot Pie, Attacks Him With A Throwing Axe And Then Tries To Plunge A Knife Into His Throat

A man in Pennsylvania was angry with his father because he ate ‘too much pot pie.’ In retaliation, the son lodged a throwing axe at his father and then attempted to plunge a knife into his throat while screaming that he had to “neutralize the threat”: Kevin Blanch, 30, of Springettsbury Township, was charged with […]

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Europe Should Be Happy That Muslims Are Invading Because They Wanted A Muslim Invasion And That Is What They Are Getting

The Islamic invasions of Europe should disturb anybody. Once a bastion and model for civilization, the nations of Europe have become little more than outposts of the Islamic world where violence, degeneracy, and brutality reign supreme and Sharia law is a way of life. The European people, who have watched their lands get destroyed right […]

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President Asad Of Syria Declares ‘I Support President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban On Syria Because It Will Stop Terrorists From Infiltrating The USA’

For years, President Asad of Syria was vilified by Obama and the media for being a supporter of terrorism when it wasn’t ever true. In fact, he spent years imprisoning and killing Muslim terrorists and is loved by Muslims and Christians alike in Syria because of his commitment to keeping the peace. In a recent […]

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There Are Major Leaders Within The Right Wing Movement Who Are Just As Evil And Dangerous As Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat There are major leaders in the Right Wing movement who are just as evil and dangerous as Islamists. I did a whole video on this:   The “alt right” tries to portray itself as a conservative movement of morality. Christ said that we must beware of those who come as sheep, meaning […]

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