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Muslims Arrest Four Christians And Torture Them In Jail, While This Is Happening Jesus Appears To One Of The Prison Guards And Asks Him ‘Why Are You Torturing My Children?’, The Guard Helps The Christians Escape And Now He Is A Christian Too

We’ve been reporting how God is moving in a mighty way in the Muslim world, and how it is so big that churches are expecting millions of converts. In another recent story, four Christians were arrested and while being tortured in prison, one of the guards assigned to them had not just one, but four […]

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On The Same Day That Pakistan Charges A 70-Year-Old Christian With ‘Blasphemy’ And Threatens The Death Penalty, It Acquits 106 Dangerous Muslim Thugs Who Burned Down An Entire Christian Colony Of ALL Charges

Pakistan is a spiritually sick nation, and its sickness is proven by her deeds. In another example of this, on the same day that Pakistan charged an elderly Christian man with “blasphemy” and may sentence him to death was the same day that Pakistan also acquitted 106 dangerous Muslim thugs of all charges of burning […]

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MIRACLE: Christian Man Accused Of Blasphemy By Muslims, Jailed Without Trial, Placed In Solitary Confinement On Death Row And Tortured For Three Years Finally Released From Prison

In a miracle story coming out of Pakistan, which is one of the most dangerous nations in the world to be a Christian in, a young Pakistani Christian has just been released after three years of sitting in solitary confinement on death row without a trial where he was tortured daily by Muslim police that […]

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