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Islamic Terrorists Take Christian Man And Crucify Him, They Then Put A Sign On The Cross That Says: ‘We Have Crucified This Man Because He Believed In Jesus Christ.’

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Syria, members of the Jabhat al-Nusra jihadist organization, crucified a Christian man and put a sign on the cross that said that the man was crucified because he believed in Jesus Christ. This is just one of numerous stories reported by Christians who survived the savage anti-Christian persecution in […]

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‘Calling The Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group Will Cause More Terrorist Attacks’ CIA Threatens To Use Muslim Terrorists Against President Trump

While Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Muslim world at the hands of Islamic terrorists, the “elephant in the room” is the fact that it could not have happened without the CIA. As many media outlets have reported, the CIA and US Special Operations working with both Turkey and Saudi Arabia among other nations gave […]

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Austria Prepares To Send Troops To Its Borders, Joins All Of Eastern Europe In Shutting Down Balkan Route For Muslim Arrivals

The fight over the mass importation of Muslims into Europe is splitting along East-West lines. We have followed how all of Eastern Europe would eventually seal themselves off from the West, but that Austria would be an exception. While it is a Western European nation, Austria is the most “eastern” of them and historically will […]

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Donald Trump Vows To Defeat The Mexican Drug Cartel, And Makes This Declaration To All Americans: ‘We will break the backs of criminal cartels that have spread across our nation.’

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump just signed an executive order vowing to crush criminal activity by Mexican drug cartels in the United States, making this declaration to all Americans: “I am directing DOJ and DHS to take all necessary action to break the backs of criminal cartels that have spread across our nation.”  He also has […]

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Muslim Police Finally Admit That Christian Girl Who Was Found Drugged, Raped, And Murdered In A Canal Did Not ‘Commit Suicide’

We covered this story a few days ago when it first came out. After much pressure from the family and Christian Groups, Pakistani Police admit that a Christian girl found drugged, raped, and murdered did not ‘commit suicide,’ but was the victim of an actual crime: Police in Pakistan have accepted that a twelve year […]

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In The History Of Christendom, There Were Many Japanese Samurai Who Rejected The Buddhist Religion And Accepted Jesus Christ As Their Savior, They Became Great Warriors For The Faith. Read About Them Today And Learn Of True Warrior Spirit Of Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat The Catholic Church in Japan will be beatifying a Samurai warrior named Takayama Ukon who left the degenerate pagan religion of his country and became Catholic Christian. Ukon was a great warrior for the Faith, and fought against the pagans of Japan in valiant Holy War. As we read in one report on […]

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