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Group Of Muslim Men Try To Rob Italian Teen Girl- Except She Is A Black Belt In Jiu-Jitsu And She Beats Up All Of Them

Muslims historically prey on people they perceive to be weaker than them, and they only attack if they think they are stronger. That is why there are so many attacks on people such as women, teenagers, children, and the elderly and why the Muslims attack in groups. However, sometimes they misjudge- such as a group […]

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Make No Mistake, The Next “Martyr For The Cause” Is In The Making Right Now And It Isn’t For Christ

Recently in the conservative news world there has been a firestorm about the cancellation of a speech from Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley after protests: Now there are many things I found very interesting about this event, its timing, and the nature of the protests, but the thing I found most interesting was the following […]

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Theodore Shoebat Schools The Alt-Right In New And Heated Radio Interview, And Exposes That The Alt-Right Is Absolutely Evil And Is Nazism

Theodore Shoebat schooled the Alt-Right movement in a new and heated radio interview on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show. Jesse invited Theodore on the show to discuss the Alt-Right and he deeply exposed how the Alt-Right is evil and is Nazism, how it supports eugenics and abortion. The discussion was very cordial and Jesse was […]

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Major British Politician Declares This Warning To The Whole World: ‘The Biggest Threat To Europe Is Not ISIS, Its Not Donald Trump, Its Not Russia, The Biggest Threat To Europe Is Germany. Germany Is Rising Again.’

By Theodore Shoebat Political commentator, Graham Moore, is warning the whole world that the greatest threat to Europe is not ISIS, its not Donald Trump, its not Russia, the greatest threat to Europe is Germany. I did a whole video on this with lots of commentary: CORRECTION: Graham Moore is not a major politician nor a […]

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