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Major Leader Of The Catholic Church Declares To All Those Protesting Against Donald Trump: ‘Where Were You When Muslim Terrorists Were Slaughtering And Persecuting Christians?’

By Theodore Shoebat Major leader of the Catholic Church, Catholic Archbishop of Erbil, has declared to all those protestors against Donald Trump: Where were you when ISIS was terrorizing and persecuting Christians in Iraq? He made this question in a recent interview, as we read in one report: The Catholic Archbishop of Erbil has denounced the […]

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Homosexual Soldier Pays Pedophile To Rape Very Young Boy So That He Can Watch The Boy Being Sodomized, The Pedophile Takes A Very Small Child And Brutally Rapes Him

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual soldier in the UK paid a pedophile to rape a young boy so that he could watch the horrific evil being done. The pedophile took a very small boy and sodomized him. The horrific story shows the danger of allowing homosexuals in the military. I did a whole video on […]

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Young Girls And Take Turns Raping Them, One Brave Woman Rises Up, Takes A Rifle And A Double Barrel Shotgun And Is Now Hunting The Terrorists Down And Rescuing The Girls

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in Nigeria, all members of the Boko Haram group, have kidnapped innumerable girls, woman, men and children, for slaves. Girls, of course, are kept to be raped by the Muslim militants. Well, one woman named Aisha Gombi Bakari, founded her own militia to kill off the terrorists and rescue their […]

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Islamic Violence Is So Out Of Control That People Are Illegally Buying Military Grade Weapons To Protect Themselves

In a recent story, the situation with Muslims and Islamic violence has become so bad that your average citizens are illegally purchasing guns and military weaponry to protect themselves from attacks: Germans have been arming themselves with illegal guns and grenades to protect themselves from migrants. A website calling itself Migrant Fright was discreetly selling […]

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Muslim Terrorists Take Thousands Of Young Girls, Many Of Them Have Not Even Hit Puberty Yet, And Keep Them As Sex Slaves

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists have taken thousands of young girls, many of them were taken in their pre-pubescent state, and kept as sex slaves. As we read in one report: The Islamic State terror organization has been keeping detailed records of its fighters, categorizing them by blood type and other qualifiers, and listing how […]

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Christianity Is Under Severe Attack In France, 90% Of All ‘Religious Attacks’ Are Against Christians, But Attacks Against Muslims DECREASED

‘Islamophobia’ isn’t real. It never was real. It is just a made-up word to scare people into not talking about the violence that is inherent to an characteristic of Islam. Yet those who cry ‘Islamophobia’ will not talk about the real crime going on, and that is Christophobia. Christianity is under attack all throughout Europe […]

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Christianity Is At War

We are very proud to announce that Theodore Shoebat has completed his encyclopedic work:  Christianity is at War. Here is a little info about the book which is now available for purchase: The Manifesto for Christian Militancy – 858 Pages Christianity has been at war since the beginning of humanity’s existence. We will be entering […]

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Muslims Kidnap Teen Daughter Of Former Muslim Turned Christian And Demand She Convert To Islam, She Says No, They Take A Knife And Mutilate Her Genitals So Severely She Fell Into A Coma And Is Now Fighting For Her Life

UPDATE: This story was brought to my attention after it was posted by Andrew and I find no credibility to it. After investigating the source, it came originally from Bibles For Mideast operated by Paul Ciniraj. It wasn’t just this story, but I found that all of Ciniraj’s stories from India to be completely unverifiable. I checked every story by Ciniraj and […]

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