Massive Crowd Cheers On As Pagans Kidnap Woman And Her Son, They Make The Son Rape His Mother, Then They Slice Their Heads Off And Drink Their Blood

A woman and her son were horrible tortured to death by a group of pagan militia soldiers after they thought some food she served them, which contained a “forbidden fish”, removed their ‘divine protection’ for battle. The pagans forced the son to rape his mother, then they cut both their heads off and drank their blood in the streets as a crowd cheered them on according to a recent report:

A woman was publicly raped, whipped and decapitated by Congo rebels who later drank her blood after she served them ‘forbidden fish’. Crowds cheered when the woman was dragged naked through the streets of Luebo to her death after the rebel leader sentenced her and her step-son served the fish in their family restaurant.

The Kamuina Nsapu rebel fighters stop having sex, washing themselves, eating meat and fish when they enter battle and they believed eating the meal had removed their protection.

Video footage has surfaced on Whatsapp after it was circulated after being filmed on April 8. Luebo resident told France 24: ‘They said she gave them beans that contained pieces of a small, local fish.

‘Convinced that she had broken their protection charms, the council of rebels led by a man named Kabata sentenced both the woman and the son of her husband’s second wife [the young man was also working there that day] to commit incest in public.’ The rebels, after the public rape, beheaded the woman and the young man, believed to be in his 20s, with machetes, several then drank their blood.

The bodies were left on show in the town centre before being moved to a local cemetery. The killings took place when the rebels held Luebo, which has a population of 40,000, for 20 days from March 31 before the Congolese army forced them out.

During their short grip on power they killed about ten people, including two police officers and Luebo’s administrator’s as well as burned buildings, took over the local church and banned people from working and school.

The rebel movement cyrstalised when tribal chief Kamuina Nsapu was killed by the Congolese army in August 2016.

His death sparked widespread violence and horrific crimes including rapes, torture and the use of child soldiers.

The violence has claimed more than 3,300 lives, according to the influential Roman Catholic Church, and displaced 1.4 million people with both the Government backed militia and the rebels accused of atrocities. (source)

What took place in this story is absolutely horrific and barbaric. It is an example of pure evil that has no place in any society, and it must be exterminated.

However, is it really different from what goes on in the West?

Anybody will tell you that people in Western societies do not run around, generally speaking, cutting people’s heads off and drinking their blood as crowds in the streets cheer them on. This is something that you would see in Africa or parts of southern Asia, and maybe even in parts of Central or South America. However, the essence of the evil that takes place in those societies also takes place in the West. The difference, as stated above, is how manifestly visible the evil is to the public. In Africa and parts of Asia or the Americas, the evil is IN YOUR FACE, blood-and-guts in the streets visible, like out of a horror film. It is uncontrolled, almost thoughtless, and unrefined in how it is executed. Anybody knows this is wrong.

America and Europe, along with parts of Asia are different from these nations not in the essence of the evil, but in how the execute it. The same absolute denial of human life, torture, and terrible mistreatment of the innocent takes place here just as over there, except that it is not visible to the immediate public, it is highly controlled in how it is implemented, it is carefully planned and thought through, and it is “refined” in the method by which it is executed. By taking away the disorder and open carnage, the same horrible results are realized without any of the natural revulsion that would come with it.

The closest example of “African-style” violence that takes place in America and Europe is the slaughter of babies at the wishes of their mothers and fathers through abortion. There is no way to hide the fact that abortion murders an innocent, helpless baby by ripping/burning/chopping it while it is alive. If the baby is in the earliest stages, such as the first few weeks, it is very hard to see this, but it becomes apparent after the first trimester just by looking at the dead child’s remains that abortion is an act of heinous murder. This is likewise the reason why all of the Murder-loving infanticide supporters will NEVER show what abortion looks like, and instead attempt to misdirect people by shouting them down that it is a ‘women’s rights issue’ or ‘you hate women,’ because they either do not want people to know or do not want to admit to themselves and as such choose to lie to themselves that abortion is the modern form of infant sacrifice that was practiced in the ancient world.

But, abortion, without attempting to take away the extremely serious nature of this crime, is not just the only heinous sin in our society. As we have pointed out, aborted babies are to major industrial and government bodies controlled by billionaire elites in Silicon Valley and the financial sector what crude oil is to the industrialist of the 19th century, for it is from the bodies of these murdered children that much of the “scientific progress” that is so often touted in the public for being such a source of pride is build upon. From the MMR vaccine to forms of parabiosis, from military research into cyborgs to attempting to live forever through finding and activating “neanderthal genes,” the edifice of modern science is a house of horrors that makes the Hotel California sang about in the Eagle’s infamous song seem like a nice place to visit.

The Eagles performing their hit song, Hotel California. The Hotel California has been surrounded by much controversy, as people have said that the song is about satanism and cannibalism. In any cases, the song is very disturbing, as it speaks of a house of horrors in which, as the final line of the song says, “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave”

The organization, sterility, and cloaked nature of modern biomedical and scientific research gives it the appearance of respectability and support from the public when it is nothing less than murdering children and dissecting their organs to get power in the same way that an African or Central American pagan would rip a man’s beating heart out of his chest and eat it in the streets to get ‘power’ from ‘the gods.’ The only difference is the African man’s evil is executed in a simple, crude, and obvious way, while the European man’s evil is done in a ‘neat,’ ‘fashionable,’ and ‘respectable’ way. The essence is no different, and one might even go so far as to say the European man’s evil has to be more heavily judged than the African’s because he is doing the same thing the African is doing, except he is carefully using his intellect in a way that the African clearly is not as evidenced by his actions. Again, this would not be because of a difference in the nature of the evils, but due to the fact of how the evils manifest.

Likewise, make no mistake too that Europeans cannot commit great acts of evil. The first and second world wars come to mind immediately. However, there are also men who commit the same types of crimes as did the African pagans in this story. The disturbing case of Roch Thierault is one such example. This man, who was an apostate Catholic turned Seventh-Day-Adventist cult leader in Canada, started a cult that made what Charles Manson and the Manson family did appear somewhat tame. Thierault operated a cult called the Ant Hill Kids where he acted as supreme leader and tormenter of his nine “wives” and the numerous children he bore with them. Theriault would beat them with hammers, hang them from ceilings and pluck out their hairs one by one, and defecate on them as part of their “punishments” for disobedience. Theriault also one time murdered one of them by giving her an enema with molasses and then splitting her abdomen open while she was still alive and ripping her organs out before drilling a hole in her skull and forcing his male sons to masturbate into the hole of their dead sister:


Evil is not confined to any race, culture, or place, just as grace is not confined to and race, culture or place. What confuses many people is the way in which the evil manifests, because among certain groups of people it tends to be more obvious than among others. However, that does not diminish the potency- it just means that it is in a different form.


A “Jell-o” mold above. When you make Jell-o, you can pour it into a bowl and let it set, or you can put it into pans with different shapes so that when it is finally set, it will assume the form of the mold. Regardless of what mold you use, the actual essence of the material does not change- “cherry flavored jell-o” does not become orange flavored because it is in a star-shaped mold instead of a common bowl. The shape changes, but the essence does not.

The same can be said about people. How evil manifests varies by culture, but the essence of it does not.

This problem with evil can also be seen today in the contemporary “conservative” movement. A case in point- Jesse Lee Peterson vs. “Squatting Slav TV.”

Ted has debated with Jesse Lee Peterson on his show before. As we have pointed out, Jesse Lee Peterson has completely submitted himself to the National Socialist agenda, and he is acting in ways that show that having received money and some power from them, he has just flipped his own positions in an obvious way. One can see this clearly through his interviews with Brian Werner, and openly admitted satanist by comparing his first interview with him in 2014:

then compared with a recent interview that we at also wrote about:


If you watch the interviews, you will note a significant difference in the tone of the interviews toward him. In the first interview, Jesse is very aggressive towards Werner. In the second interview opening the next season of his show, his attitude is completely different. This is one example of such an obvious change in approach on a matter that is clearly disordered, where now a grave evil is being given a respectable presentation instead of the scorn that it previously received.

A less obvious example of not change, but as above mentioned the support of evil yet not directly visible to the public eyes is Squatting Slav TV. Squatting Slav TV is a YouTube channel based out of Canada who talks about the evils of “SJWs” while at the same time doing interviews with Martin Sellner and promoting all kinds of causes connected to National Socialism, such as in this video where he is interviewed by Red Ice TV, an infamous Pagan and Nazi Youtube channel:

In both cases- Jesse Lee Peterson’s obvious change of views or the subtleness of Squatting Slav TV- is to note that both are promoting the same evil ends of ultranationalism, eugenics, and the rise of a new paganism, but by different means. It does not matter that one is more or less obvious than the other, but only that the same message is being transmitted.

Facts are important and have much meaning, but those facts must be understood through the window of divinely revealed truth because the facts are being used to market principles for political gain.

Thus when one sees an African man drinking another man’s blood because he ate a “bad fish,” remember that while this act is savage, that all men are capable of the same savage acts, and that many times the same savagery is committed even more frequently in our own societies except we fail or refuse to recognise it because it takes a form that is not as superficially obvious but no less potent in its essence.