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Michael Voris Threatens Theodore Shoebat Because Of His Video Confronting Him On His Promotion Of Pedophilia Advocate Milo Yiannopoulos, Declaring: “You Have Exactly One Hour To Take That Video Down!”

By Walid Shoebat Michael Voris threatened Theodore Shoebat after he posted a video confronting him over his promotion of pedophilia advocate, Milo Yiannopoulos. Voris told Theodore: “you have exactly 1 hour to take that down.” Theodore played the recording of Voris’ threat, alongside his own commentary:   Almost all of the conservative media outlets that […]

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Catholic Archbishop Declares To City Of San Francisco- ‘Homosexuality And Abortion Is A Living Reflection Of The Hell You Will Go To Unless You Repent’

San Francisco is an American equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah. The city loves homosexuality, abortion, and all kinds of perversity while it hates God and persecutes Christians. The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco took a public stand against these evils, which in a recent sermon he warned that abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality were a ‘living […]

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Muslim Terrorist Brutally Slaughters Coptic Christian Bishop With A Dagger In Broad Daylight And Then Draws Crosses On Himself With His Blood, CCTV Captures The Entire Ordeal

CCTV camera captured an Egyptian Christian bishop being slaughtered by a Muslim in broad daylight. The Muslim man puled out a large knife and stabbed the bishop repeatedly in the torso and the neck, then drew crosses on himself with the bishop’s blood before fleeing but was later caught and arrested according to a recent […]

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Massive Crowd Cheers On As Pagans Kidnap Woman And Her Son, They Make The Son Rape His Mother, Then They Slice Their Heads Off And Drink Their Blood

A woman and her son were horrible tortured to death by a group of pagan militia soldiers after they thought some food she served them, which contained a “forbidden fish”, removed their ‘divine protection’ for battle. The pagans forced the son to rape his mother, then they cut both their heads off and drank their […]

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