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Location Where ISIS Slaughtered 21 Egyptian Christians And Dumped Their Remains Has Been Identified

Back in 2015, the world was shocked at the horrible story of ISIS beheading 21 Egyptian Christians for their faith in Christ. According to a recent report, the location- and the remains- of these martyred men have been found: In a press conference held on Thursday 28 September Libyan General Prosecutor Al Sadiq al Sour […]

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Catholic Archbishop Warns ‘Christianity Is Barely Alive In Iraq- Any More War And We Will Be Destroyed Forever’

Christianity has survived in Iraq since the time of Christ, and while it was in decline in that nation, there were still over a million Christians in Iraq. After the American invasion in 2003 and the subsequent rise of the US-backed ISIS, Christians were either massacred or fled in such large numbers that most of […]

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Sudanese Government Arrests And Interrogates Christian Elder As Part Of Bid To Take Over And Destroy Christianity And Christian Churches In Sudan

There has been an ongoing conflict in Northern Sudan as the Islamic government is arresting Christians and confiscating or destroying their church. In another event, a Christian church elder was arrested and interrogated as part of a bid from the government to try and take over his church according to a recent report: A month […]

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How The United States Government Is Creating A Nuclear Japan

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat While the world’s focus has been on North Korea and a bunch of stories that will be forgotten very soon, the US government is helping Japan go nuclear. And not just that, the America is working with Japan to create military robots, however they may look like. Just in […]

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First It Was Sodomites, Now Devil Worshippers Want To Use The Courts To Force Christians To Make “Cakes For Satan”

It began with homosexuals trying to force Christians to make cakes in support of sinful and illegal homosexual unions, and these cases are still going through the courts. Now in a move that is no surprise, devil worshippers are trying to force Christians to make cakes “for satan” according to a recent report: The Satanic […]

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Man In Germany Ambushes Young Boy And Stabs Him Over Fifty Times To Death, Takes Photos Of The Body And Posts Them On The Internet. People On The Internet Go Onto The Website And Demand For More Photos

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Germany murdered a young boy, stabbing him over fifty times. He posted about it online, and people on the internet demanded for more photos. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War […]

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Major Christian Leaders Declare That Trump Is Continuing The Same Obama Policies In Iraq, And That Persecuted Christians Are Not Even Getting Enough Aid

By Theodore Shoebat  Major Christian leaders are now declaring that Trump is continuing the same Obama policies in Iraq and that Christians have not been getting enough aid. According to one report: Iraqi Christian communities are in dire need of humanitarian and reconstruction assistance as they continue to receive a minimal amount of aid from […]

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Denmark And Iceland Have Become Absolute Nazi Nations, As They Are Exterminating All Children With Down Syndrome

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat Denmark and Iceland have become absolute nazi nations, as they are exterminating their entire Down Syndrome populations. As we read in one report: A conservative law group has accused the abortion industry in countries like Iceland and Denmark of carrying out “evil eugenics,” pointing to very high abortion rates […]

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Christian Children In Iraq Beg For Trump’s Help, Crying Out: “Please Help Us Mr. Trump”

By Theodore Shoebat Christian children in Iraq have been begging Donald Trump for help, as we read in one report: Christian and Yazidi children who’ve been targeted by the Islamic State terror group with genocide are pleading with U.S. President Donald Trump to do more to save them. Fox News reported on Tuesday that it has […]

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Hugh Hefner, Who Poisoned American Society And The World With Pornography, Is Now Dead

Hugh Hefner, the infamous founder of the pornographic magazine Playboy died at the Playboy mansion yesterday at the age of 91 after a long career promoting sexual license, the LGBT, and other forms of immorality: Hugh Hefner, who created Playboy magazine and spun it into a media and entertainment-industry giant — all the while, as […]

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Shinzo Abe, The Prime Minister Of Japan, Just Dissolved The Lower House Of The Japanese Parliament. And The Japanese Government Now Wants To Create A Cashless Society And Establish A Digital Currency. Be Prepared For The Coming Of The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat & Theodore Shoebat Shinzo Abe just dissolved the Lower House of Parliament, which is a major shift in the political situation in Japan. Shinzo Abe and his Nazi Japanese nationalist pagan partners are taking over Japan. According to one recent report: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dissolved the lower house of […]

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Nazi Cult In Germany Is Murdering Children, Cutting Them To Pieces, And Conducting Human Experiments On Them, And It Is Being Paid Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars By The German Government To Do These Experiments

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat   “Let us not cut it, but let us cast lots for it” (John 19:24). Such are the words of the malicious who, seeing the unity of the Church, the wholeness of her virtues and laws, her valor and her truth, and knowing that no one can dismember what […]

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The Counter Jihad Movement Supports Witch Doctors Kidnapping Children, Ripping Their Teeth Out, Cutting Off Their Lips And Genitals While They Are Still Alive And Sacrificing Them To Appease “The Spirits” To Get Money And Power

Times are tough in east Africa, and many people are turning to witchcraft to try and help themselves. Many times these rituals involve mutilation or human sacrifice, especially of small children: Jackline Mukisa sobbed as she described how her 8-year-old son was found in a nearby swamp in February without teeth, lips, ears and genitals. […]

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Homosexual Meets Man For Gay Sex, He Kidnaps Him And Slowly Tortures Him To Death For Seven Hours, Then Sets His Apartment On Fire To Hide The Evidence

Police have arrested at 29-year-old man following new evidence of a video which showed him torturing another homosexual man for seven hours, then as he was dying, taking a liquid, pouring it on the floor, and setting his apartment on fire to cover up his crime: A serial killer has been jailed for life for […]

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Mega Outbreak Of Anal Cancer Ravages The LGBT, Doctors Announce ‘This Is The Next Great LGBT Health Crisis And We Don’t Know How To Stop It’

HIV/AIDS was normalized in the the LGBT community because, as they admit, are the prime transmitters of HIV and AIDS due to sexual practices such as sodomy. According to scientists, there is another major health crisis that is about to befall the LGBT and they have “no idea’ how to treat it, and that is […]

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Major Division Not Seen In Catholic Church For Centuries Erupts As 60 Major Catholic Cardinals, Priests, Bishops, And Laity Issue Declaration Of Heresy To Pope Francis

Sixty major Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and laymen have signed a declaration issuing a formal “correction” to Pope Francis for preaching heretical teachings and ask him to clarify statements he has made or repent of heretical teachings. The document is the first time in at least five centuries- before the Protestant Revolution- that this has […]

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