Archive | October 18, 2017

Christian Pastor Kidnapped, Has His Hands Tied Behind His Back And His Body Burned Alive Beyond Recognition

Pastor Martin Beneke in South Africa was kidnapped and murdered in a horrible way. His hands were tied behind his back and his kidnappers set him on fire in his car, and his body was so badly burned that it was beyond recognizable according to a recent report: The body of a South African pastor […]

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Parents In The UK Persecute Christian School For Teaching About Sin And Hell At The Same Time Countless Numbers Of Brits Are Traveling To Serbia To Have Sex With Animals

The UK Mirror recently uncovered a highly disturbing story which found that large number of British people are regularly traveling to Serbia for the express purpose of having sex with animals. The problem is so large that local animal rights groups are trying to bring awareness to it so that it can be stopped, but […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Christian Village And Slaughter 28 Civilians At Random

Fulani Muslim terrorists attacked a Christian village, killing and murdering at least 28 people at random. This makes for the 30th attack against Christian villages this year according to a recent report: Islamic Fulani herdsmen have reportedly killed at least 28 people, including Christian women and children, in a raid on a village in Plateau […]

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