Archive | October 25, 2017

Millenials And Their Children Are Rejecting Christ And Choosing To Worship Demons And Practice Witchcraft Instead

Religious practice has been in decline for a time, but according to a recent study Millenials are the most irreligious generation yet. Having rejected God, they are now turning in mass to forms of occultism and witchcraft and are changing the religious demographics of America according to a recent study: Interest in spirituality has been […]

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Muslim Man Murders His Own Sister After She Marries A Christian Man, Her Father Turns Around And Blames His Daughter For ‘Destroying His Family’

A Muslim man admitted to murdering his own sister after she married a Christian man to defend his ‘honor’ before his Muslim neighbors. When asked about it later, their father blamed his daughter marrying a Christian for ‘destroying his family’ and not his son’s actions according to a recent report: A Pakistani man has admitted […]

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Muslims Attack And Savagely Beat Random Christian Man In UK For Having A Cross Hanging In His Car

Tajamal Amar is a Pakistani Christian who fled to the UK to escape persecution in his native land. However, he was recently attacked by two random Muslim men as he was going to his car from a restaurant because he had a cross hanging in his car according to a recent report: A 45-year-old Pakistani […]

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