Archive | October 10, 2017

Breitbart Endorses Sodomite Porn Director Who Makes Movies With Men Drinking Urine And Eating Feces Because He Is ‘Against The Muslims’

Islam is evil, and we at are dedicated to fighting the evil of Islam. However, just as how Jesus said that evil cannot cast out evil, one cannot fight evil by allying with it, because it is just to join another face of the same object. This has been our main criticism of the […]

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The Right Wing Is Upset That The Las Vegas Shooter Was Not A Muslim. The Counterjihad Cares More About The Homosexual Perverts Killed In Orlando Than They Do Country Fans Murdered In Las Vegas, Because The Orlando Shooter Was A Muslim

By Theodore Shoebat The right-wing is upset that the Las Vegas shooter, Stephan Paddock, was not a Muslim (at least that is what we know for now). The Orlando shooting was more important to these counterjihad whores than the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas because the shooter was obviously a Muslim terrorist. […]

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Sodomites Adopt Baby Girl, They Shake The Child Until She Gets Brain Damage, Beat Her Until Her Kidneys Fail, Break Her Leg, And Then Finally Beat Her To Death Over The Course Of Months While Cursing Her So Loud The Neighbors Heard It

Sodomite Matthew Scully-Hicks and his partner Craig adopted an 18-month-old baby girl in September 2015 after they were “married” in a sodomite union. By May 2016, the little girl, “Elsie,” was found dead after months of abuse in which these sodomites shook her, beat the child to the point that her kidneys failed, her ribs […]

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