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German Government Caught Running Major Slaughter Houses For Children. Fully Grown Babies Are Cut To Pieces And Kept In Freezers, And The Murderers Are Paid Directly By The German Government

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat “Let us oppress the poor just man, and not spare the widow, nor honour the ancient grey hairs of the aged. But let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble, is found to be nothing worth.” (Wisdom 2:10-11)  Wisdom 2 shows us how the evil […]

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Burmese Government Terrorizes, Tortures, And Murders Christians, Says ‘We Are Doing This Because This Is What Buddhism Teaches’

The Burmese Government is infamous for its human rights violations, and according to a recent report they have not just been targeting Muslims, but also in the name of Buddhism have been persecuting and murdering Christians according to a recent report: The humanitarian crisis that touches Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State is not the only […]

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Evil Homosexual Priest Molests A Little Boy, When He Is Arrested He Says He Did It Because ‘Jesus Is A Homosexual And He Sodomizes John The Baptist Each Night’

Fr. Francesco Calcagno was a priest and Franciscan monk in the area of Brescia, Italy, who was arrested after he was caught molesting a little boy. When he was arrested, he defended his actions and when questioned further, he unrepentantly declared that ‘Jesus is a homosexual’ and that ‘he sodomizes John the Baptist each night.’ […]

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Social Media Is Making People Stupid

By Theodore Shoebat   The title is self explanatory. Social media is making people stupid. Here is why: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book And Educate Your Mind And Ready Your Soul For The Coming […]

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