Archive | May 2, 2018

Majority Of US Muslims For The First Time Support Homosexual “Marriage”

The emphasis here is on “marriage” because it is a step beyond simple support for homosexual behavior itself. As such, one must also conclude that a majority of American Muslims support homosexuality: Opposition to same-sex marriage has decreased across a broad swath of religious groups in the United States, with white evangelical Christians one of […]

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Suspected Muslim Terrorists Attack Church With Machine Gun Fire And Grenades, Murder A Priest And At Least 15 People

Suspected Muslim terrorists attacked a Church with machine guns and grenades, murdering the priest and at least 15 other people according to a report: Armed gunmen killed at least 15 Christians, including one priest, during a church service in Bangui, Central African Republic, on Tuesday. Christians in the Notre Dame de Fatima church were attacked, […]

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Reports Claim Maoist And Hindu Pagan Terrorists United And Kidnapped A Christian Pastor, Slit His Throat And Then Burned His Car

According to a report from India, Maoist terrorists murdered a Christian pastor, slitting his throat and then burning his car. However, reports are emerging that they may have committed the murder at the request of Hindu pagan terrorists, meaning the two groups worked together to persecute Christians: Maoists took responsibility for the gruesome slaying of […]

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