Archive | May 24, 2018

Peace Loving Homosexuals Threaten To Rape And Murder Christian Student, The Schools Responds By Serving The Christian A Restraining Order And Banning Him From The Campus

Two months ago, reported that a homosexual threatened to rape and murder a Christian student for being pro-marriage. Following graduation, the same Christian student has been now banned from the campus and served with a restraining order: The student who was threatened with rape for articulating Catholic teaching on marriage at Providence College graduated this weekend, […]

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Erdogan Declares That Turkey Will Rebuild Its Economy On The German Model And Become A World Power In Five Years, Just In Time To Revive The Ottoman Empire

President Erdogan of Turkey recently stated that he wants to make Turkey into a “high income” nation as well as a world leader in manufacturing products for export: Vowing to turn the country into a high-income nation, Turkey’s president on Thursday released the election manifesto of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party for the […]

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