Archive | May 23, 2018

Serbian President Warns At International Conference ‘Things Are Very Complicated And Dangerous- It Was Not Even This Bad Before World War I’

Serbian President Alexandar Vucic, while at an international conference in Azerbaijan, said that the situation of Europe is very ‘complicated’ and extremely dangerous, even adding that ‘it wasn’t like this before World War I’: The Serbian president in this way commented on rigid Dutch and French stance regarding EU candidate countries opening new accession negotiation […]

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Did The Neo-Nationalism Movement Just Get Its First Martyr?

Last year, warned about the creation of “martyrs” for the cause of nationalism. Following in the example of old Germany in the days before Hitler was voted into power, there were many “nationalists” who openly fought with communists in the streets of Germany. One of these was a man named Horst Wessel. The son […]

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