Let The Persecution Begin Against Us For With Christ We Shall Triumph Over All Our Enemies

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

God gave us victory over our enemies.

In the beginning of May, Keith Davies solicited the board of directors of the Christian charity (FFMU). He gained momentum when board members agreed to shut down Shoebat.com and terminate us from the board. Excited, Keith prematurely declared victory to his attorney and co-conspirators. But something happened by the end of May. On May 30th, 2018, God had His grace upon us. This same board of directors that Keith initially gained, decided to hang Hayman (Keith) instead. Keith was terminated instead of us and the locked up hidden secrets in his vault was finally opened with the shocking truth which we shall explain; occultism, double-mindedness and the love of money.

Not wanting to let go of his evil plans, Davies resorted to one of the most pro-LGBT law firms in the U.S: Fox Rothschild. He is seeking to charge us personally (The Shoebats) with defamation and unlawful termination.

So we obliged to give this Hayman and his Rothschild a message: God is always in control.


On the 8th of May, Davies writes: “Lance Silver the chairman of FFMU has already signed this letter as have I.”

The letter was a board resolution Keith concocted which demanded we be hung on the gallows: the complete shutdown of the Shoebat.com website and our termination. When the board supported him, to Keith, they were a ‘legitimate board’ where Silver was addressed by Keith as “chairman”. He writes them stating: “Without the approval of the Board, Theodore Salameh started a campaign against the LGBT community”. He then tells his attorney to set up the gallows for our execution:

But then something happened. Theodore asked me for permission to drop a bomb: tell the truth of our latest investigation to the public.

I had hesitated to listen to  the young Theodore since we were in a midst of a negotiation process with Keith’s attorney Michael Cherewka.

I finally capitulated to the young lad since I finally vowed to consider my family’s advice.

It was the right decision regardless of the financial losses. The public, including board members read our first exposé. Lance Silver had rescinded his support and the board examined both sides of the story. Once they examined and understood, the board then turned on Hayman. He then emptied himself of all flattery and denied the board calling it illegitimate:

“The meeting called by the so called board of FFMU for 8 pm May 30th 2018 is not valid as according to the laws of Pennsylvania the charity of FFMU and as per the bye laws of FFMU there is no functioning valid board.”

So now ‘chairman Silver’ was no longer chairman. Keith began to condemn Silver as a Jew betraying another Jew: Keith.

And by this, Keith revealed how he operates. To him, the board was only ‘legitimate’ when things went his way and was ‘illegitimate’ when it refused to obey him.

This spells out one trait: narcissist.

To Keith, the board of directors were simply his tool. The secret emails revealed a treasure trove of betrayal, fraud and plain theft. In the emails, the board was only “valid” when he fraudulently jotted documents falsifying board’s approval and then the board became “invalid,” but only when they finally discovered he was fraudulently filing records in their name. The narcissist Keith added:

None of the people who acclaim to be board members have been either elected appropriately or have been apppointed without proper authority.  Mr Walid Salameh, Ted Salameh and Maria Salameh were appointed at the request of Walid Salameh in Austust 2013.”

Keith by isolating the board for years, caused it to be inactive so that he rules solo with one named Farrukh Harrison Saif. The two actually formed a private secret board of directors where the two controlled the charity while filing the true board only on paper: the IRS 990.

Keith created a quagmire that needed a genius to solve.

So we resorted to one of the leading attorneys in the nation on 501 c (3) nonprofit matters: Paula Goedert.

To solve the dilemma, the lawful solution, according to Paula, was to call every name listed on the IRS 990, so that all who remain standing after the years of neglect by Keith, would be elected and then that officially and legally becomes “the board”.

We did just that.

May 30th came. During the Board meeting I addressed Keith:

“The board is here, Mr. Davies. This is what you wanted isn’t it? You planned and wanted the board to oust us out. But as it turns out, Mr. Davies, the very board, that you wanted to oust us out, now wants to oust you out.”

At this point, this Hayman (Keith), who rarely shuts up, sealed his lips and realized that by calling on the board which he for years denied, he had put the noose around his own neck.

The Board of Directors were then nominated and then elected in accordance to law. It then voted unanimously (8 to 0) and terminated Keith Davies. The hostile takeover failed.

All rights and control that Mr. Davies had on us for years is no more. All files, accounting, records, emails and bank accounts are finally being unlocked out of his hands. For the first time we are able to access everything under the supervision and watchful eye of a legitimately elected board.

Now we began to unfold who these three (Keith, Mosheh, Farrukh) were.

Keith was on the contract with Grid Nexus and we were not authorized access. After the victory, we requested Grid Nexus access to the emails. The corporate emails were granted. After a tug of war where Keith (or his aid) would snatch back the corporate emails, we were finally successful to lock him out completely. We are now able to access the thousands of corporate emails from [email protected] to discover some shocking activities.

Farrukh being a trained expert had destroyed his emails. Keith didn’t.

We read many emails to only scratch the surface. Mosheh Avraham, Keith’s hacker in Israel had a pet baby project, a website called LuminariMud.com. From his gaming in wizardry he had dabbled into the occult while Keith for years was under the continual control of Farrukh Harrison Saif. According to Keith’s emails, Farrukh had contacts in the ISI Pakistan intelligence. The plan was to use our U.S. charity to launch Farrukh into Europe while they start an exporting venture with corrupt U.N. representatives. The two had forged fraudulent documents prepared by Keith and Farrukh so that Farrukh is launched into Europe’s governments.

The emails shifted gears when we finally put the spotlight investigating Keith two months ago. In one email, Keith tells one attorney, that he ordered the website Shoebat.com to be completely destroyed. The Shoebat.com domain still remains hijacked from Israel where Keith’s colleague, Mosheh Avraham, locked it up as he is still the registrar.

But we were relentless, Theodore erected Shoebat.org instead. Grid Nexus then linked Shoebat.org with Shoebat.com’s articles and we were back in business.

In the emails, there were many exchanges between Keith and his contacts, especially Farrukh Harrison Saif who was treated as if he was in charge of the entire charity. In the emails, as soon as Keith gets information, he would instantly forward Farrukh (not the board) and then awaits orders. By use of Keith, the Pakistani embezzler was in full control.

In one email in 2015, Farrukh tells Keith that bank accounts (as his board of directors wants) was to be set up under his foundation. Years later, Farrukh (Harry Saif) informs Keith that the Rescue Christians bank account in Germany was set up in the sole name of “Farrukh Harrison”.


This was disturbing. Monies were deposited not in the name of the charity, but in Farrukh’s name and in his private account. It is no wonder why Farrukh vehemently refused to share his bank account.

There was much damning evidence. The attempted takeover had all the hallmarks of how Farrukh took over the YMCA Christian charity in Karachi Pakistan liquidating the charity of millions:

Khokhar offered the argument that Kashif Khalid and Farrukh Harrison have taken 61,8000,225 Pakistani rupees (Over 6 Million) (6,581,794 US / 45,568 Pounds ) during the illegal occupation of the YMCA property.

Farrukh Harrison and Ansar Javed [board members] were involved in corruption, illegal occupation, and fraudulent activities under section 30CP2005/675/76

And how Farrukh entered was similar. As we discovered in the emails, Keith in 2015 concocted a fraudulent board meeting that never was. This ‘nonexistent board meeting’ then ‘elected Farrukh’ which Keith backdated the resolution to 2010:

The board never met on November 18th 2010 and they never heard of Farrukh. Not only that; Farrukh was introduced to Keith in 2011, not 2010:

This document (as other documents) was definitely fraudulent.

Keep in mind, Farrukh embezzled the YMCA Christian charity by sitting on the board of directors. Documents from Keith’s emails, reveal that similar to the Pakistan fiasco Farrukh enters as a ‘board member’. In our case, it was Keith who made him such without board authorization or ever being listed on the IRS 990.

The plan? Farrukh was being launched by Keith to enter the international arena in Spain, Hungary, Georgia, The Hague, Germany and the UN, all the while stating that this was authorized by the board in the U.S. There is even correspondence with key people in the State Department to have Farrukh enter the U.S.

Now Farrukh Harrison becomes a full-fledged International Director and board member of a U.S. charity and with ‘experts’ aiding him he writes another fraudulent document to Ambassadors in Georgia and Madrid, Spain, and then Farrukh signs it:

And with such fraudulent documents, Keith then tells government officials that the board of directors (board of trustees) of FFMU approved Farrukh Harrison’s move to be launched into Europe:


And then Viola!!! Keith and Farrukh fraudulently appointed themselves in a ‘historical conference’:

Farrukh had poor command of English and Spanish. Some emails and documents sent by Farrukh were obviously not written by him. He was obviously aided by experts. In one email Keith even references Farrukh’s connections to ISI officials. The ISI is Pakistan’s ‘CIA’ intelligence services and in fact are rated one of the best globally.

Christians ask: were their donations wasted? Answer: Yes and No.

In Keith’s mind, he followed the philosophy that the end justifies the means:

For Muslim Farrukh, his government wants to end blasphemy, the brick kilns and slavery, it is not good for Pakistan’s image. There are even emails where Farrukh terminates the relationship and defends his government (Pakistan) for giving freedom to the brick kiln workers.

Keith rejects this and reminds Farrukh that he promised to clean his record being a fraudster. Farrukh gives him more empty promises and continues to remind him that his mission is over and that there are no more forced labor:

“government has enforced the kiln owners to registered their worker in labor department . And currently the Pakistani govt. is run by military establishment from back door . It was a very powerful mafia who was in controlling the kilns but it’s almost came to an end . And it is true .”

From the emails, there where definite rescue missions, but he did such things by allowing himself to lie, allow bribery, cheat, thieve and commit fraud. This idea that one can do anything “in the name of the cause” is the sort of attitude that ends up no different than when Jihadists use Islamic Taqiyya, so that now one can ‘lie to the board’, ‘lie to the IRS’, ‘lie to the donors’ and even lie to themselves where they end up narcissistic to the point that they cannot fathom or even see their evil ways.

While the victims removed from the brick kilns were no doubt real incidents, but revealing videos of victims is dangerous. They had women weeping speaking details of their rape without blurring their face. One named Usman Liaqat Maseeh, a persecuted Christian had sent messages begging Keith and Farrukh to remove his photos and video. They refused. I didn’t and I honored his request.

These videos need to go.

Why would Farrukh (who is Muslim) care about the victim’s privacy and safety? To rescue, and then use videos for PR, is a contradiction. Keith practically worships PR. Therefore, it becomes obvious that Farrukh was aiding the Pakistani government which (even according to him) introduced legislation to end the slavery. One historian records that Farrukh was Muslim representing a Muslim party (more on that later).

Then we come to Keith’s parroting claim that this is “the greatest rescue mission in history”. This is a farce. Almost on every occasion, he always parrots “we rescued” “15,000 slaves” and then the numbers double “35,000 slaves” in the last 5 years. This is an exaggeration done for the love of fame and heroism. From Farrukh’s own accounting it reveals an average of 1000 in 2016. It was a social program of removing brick workers by bus from one spot to another where the conditions are better. Thats fine and dandy.

But remember, such accounting comes from a liar. The numbers even shift to 9000 in 2 years:

I’d rather someone vet and confirm 100% they saved a single life for a $1,000,000, keep it a secret, rather than show the victim’s face (compromising their safety) and then trumpet exaggerated big numbers.

To Keith and Farrukh it was all about gaining fame and Public Relations. Keith practically worships PR. That is the bulk of his daily speech. The blasphemy cases were Rescue Christians aided Christian victims were no doubt real and these received aid, but to Keith contracting with devils like Farrukh was “legitimate” even if he steals a piece of the pie. The two were birds of a feather.

The emails even reveal missions were mixed with personal interests in making buku dinero. For example, in a series of emails, Farrukh and Keith had solicited a U.N rep by the name of Zaid Haidary where Keith asked Haidary to help in one blasphemy case.

Zaid Haidary

But then immediately the victim’s case was dropped and the topic immediately shifts gears where the three were wheeling and dealing to launch a major exporting operation from Pakistan (via Farrukh) to Afghanistan (via Haidary).

There were proposals for thousands of Metric Tons of Palm Oil, Rice, Refined Sugar, Oil …

To whom are these millions worth of food shipments planned? There are no cases of Christian persecutions that Rescue Christians were handling, or a million Christians wandering in some Afghanistani Sinai.

This ‘Moses’ wannabe was strictly doing a business venture for profit. Haidary thanks Keith and Farrukh for helping his people in Afghanistan. This has turned into Rescue Muslims and not Rescue Christians. Haidary even thanks them:

“Thank you for helping me and the people of Afghanistan …”.

Keith himself even explains:

Keith even explains to Farrukh the deal:

Keith tells Farrukh: “We can make good money” “50 tons” “100 tons” … “1,000,000” tons …

Is that Rescue Christians business or Rescue Muslims aiding Farrukh’s mission to help his Muslim peoples?

Keith’s approach to everything is ‘go big’ and swallow the Muslim camel.

To the Muslims, Keith was planning a generous pay and a good return on investment. This was not the same when it came to providing aid in Africa where loans were enforced on the poorest Muslim converts to Christianity. While these got aid, they got such aid as loans where Keith was even demanding penalties on delayed payments.

It is here where Christians need to comprehend the spirit of Judas in the New Testament. The disciples went out to baptize, including Judas who baptized and souls were saved no doubt. But the New Testament also revealed Judas’s desire for money was mixed with his superficial passion of speaking out for the poor. The spirit of Judas was accompanied by his interest in filling up the purse which Judas stole some. Jesus knew all this, but to God, He knew that Judas would be possessed by the devil and that he would carry out his evil mission in selling out our Lord for 30 pieces of silver. Judas Iscariot, the moneyman eventually betrayed Christ. But like Keith, he was a man who claimed to care for the poor. Truth was:

“Judas didn’t care about the poor but because he was a thief. He was in charge of the moneybag and carried the contributions” (John 12:6).

So to our critics who accuse us of failure, I ask a Jesus style question: would you have resigned from being a member in Christ’s ministry, just because Judas was corrupt and was officially appointed by Jesus to be on His board of directors?

Contemplate on this question.

People would claim that we should have stopped this a while ago. Remember, we had a major security issue and could not register anything where the public could access and then some bad apples would find out where we lived. Also, look what happened to us when we finally stood up and questioned and put the spotlight on the cockroaches?

As soon as we confronted them, our website was blasted and a take over instantly was in progress while they attempted to oust us out and they were close to succeeding. Bank accounts were locked with very limited access, web hosting, passwords … was under Keith’s control via an Israeli host provider. Even in the U.S., Grid Nexus could not help us regardless that they knew we were ‘the good guys’.

Breaking the shackles was no easy task.

If you are Christian, evil will continually attempt anything to enter your abode, especially from within.

To all who want to blame us, what you must understand is this: all Christians will have a Judas in their life for even Jesus’s ministry had a traitor on his twelve member Board of Directors.

After the victory, we even changed our Bylaws to have 11 board members making sure that the Judas seat will always remain vacant.

Like Keith, Judas was the only signatory. We were only added to the bank accounts in 2015.

But besides the loan schemes that we disclosed in our first exposé, this heartless Keith implemented loans on extremely poor and homeless converts from Islam to Christianity in Nigeria.

The LoveEmanuel ministry in Nigeria which we (the Shoebats) vetted were definitely doing good work. Now (from the emails) we discover that Keith demanded Love to get an attorney to secure these small loans and have the victims punished if they failed to pay. For someone to claim they looked after poor slaves in Pakistan’s brick kilns, then to apply loans in Africa was the hypocrisy of Judas. The converts had to even sign agreements titled “Loan Scheme”. In one email EmauelLove pleaded with Keith that lawyers are expensive to secure these small loans.

Love Emanuel pleads with the cruel hearted Keith:

“We can not involve lawyer in a little help loan to the persecuted. We don’t do that here. It will amount to more persecution. The sum involved is not in millions and what we are doing is unto God and unto humanity to help them stand up on their feet and have a livelihood again in life.
So the issue of OVER legalizing isn’t adivisable please”

I mean listen to this: “there is no interest unless they default. Make sure the loan is enforceable by law and that is a legal document drawn up by a lawyer”:

The shame didn’t stop here. To top it all Keith wanted her to video the victims so that he can advertise it (as he does on Rescue Christians). The loans were even titled as “Loan Scheme”:

Even in Pakistan, one convert from Islam named Roshan, pleads for his life and then gets told by Keith to simply advertise Rescue Christians:

Keith’s emails reveal he was mesmerized by Farrukh and believed everything he said. One could find accusations against Joseph Francis of CLAAS as a “sexual predator” without seriously providing first hand accounts to corroborate the evidence.

So should we trust such accusations?

No, we should never trust these, especially that in Pakistan, Farrukh entered a Christian board as ‘secretary board member’ and then entered our sphere in a similar fashion by refusing to respect our many demands in 2016 to simply ‘get lost’. He simply latched onto Keith.

Was Keith bewitched by Mosheh who dabbled into the occult, or hypnotized by Farrukh, or was he simply a narcissist who attracts his own kind: the double minded?

The last is probably the correct answer.

Scriptures warn: “Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do.” (James 1:8) ” The term double-minded comes from the Greek word dipsuchos, meaning “a person with two minds or souls.” “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). 

Then God puts it bluntly in Psalm 119:113 “I hate the double-minded”.

Yes the God of Love also hates.

We can only begin to comprehend all this from God’s Word and from the wise. Most belabor “we do not fight against flesh and blood but we fight against principalities in high places…” Many parrot these verses without truly comprehending them. There are many facets to spiritual deception.

Heiner Bielefeldt is one man who sheds light on all this by exposing Farrukh Harrison’s double mindedness and his two faced approach. Bielefeldt is no small figure. He is a reputable German philosopher, historian, Catholic theologian, Professor of Human Rights and Human Rights Policy at the University of Erlangen and a Christian human rights person appointed in the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief. In his “Mandates of the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief and the Special Rapporteur on minority issues” while Bielefeldt defended the Pakistani Christians in Sri Lanka, he writes:

on 10 February 2014, the leader of the Muslim League (N) group minority wing, Karachi, Farrukh Harrison Saif, issued a First Information Report (FIR) against Pakistani Christians who have left Pakistan and sought asylum in another country, including Sri Lanka. According to the FIR, Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are considered as traitors and should be charged with high treason under article 6 of Pakistan Penal Code.

Heiner Bielefeldt

According to Bielefeldt, Farrukh Harrison Saif is a Muslim leader of the Muslim League. There is no escape from this; Saif (meaning sword) is a Muslim name.

So should we believe Pussy Galore (Keith) that Farrukh is the Christians “James Bond”? Or should we believe a historian, that Saif is a Muslim double agent or a confused individual with a double minded personality?

I believe the latter for the simple reason that no one can claim to being Catholic and then he instantly becomes Protestant and then back to Catholic in few days. This is what Farrukh used to do. To us, Farrukh claimed to be Catholic. In Hungary Farrukh announced himself as Protestant Pastor. To us, he claimed to take communion from a priest he even named and we would confirm the name.

Farrukh is skilled, and whenever he lies he is always careful and meticulous to give verifiable names that we can validate. He was so careful that he (unlike Keith) deleted every email from his account at Shoebat while we tugged with Keith and his agents to snatch the [email protected]. We won and prevented Keith to take over the emails. Now we almost have everything we need; years worth of correspondence.

We live in very confusing days where the wheat is being separated from the chaff and gold is refined by fire. These days the authors of confusion are plenty where one must be as wise as a serpent. Farrukh Harrison entered our sphere nearly two decades ago when Anders Gravers Pedersen has worked with neo-Nazis. Gravers even mentions Farrukh as his ‘friend’. And yes, these days, neo-Nazi ‘moderates’ will even stand next to anyone carrying an Israeli flag where unity between all sorts of strange bedfellows is done in the name of ‘counter Jihad’ and ‘thwarting Muslim immigration’. Theodore my son was right when he exposed Pamela Geller. The links in that article do not lie. They are from Geller’s own Facebook page. She appointed Nazis and Anders Gravers Pedersen is one of them.

On the left: Anders Gravers Pedersen

These days, there is only one way to distinguish wheat from tare: one cannot serve “God” and then “mammon” and then “the LGBT” and then “earthly Jerusalem” while they ignore the heavenly Jerusalem. Few focus that God’s desire for us is to only seek Heavenly Jerusalem and to simply focus on what is “good” versus what is “evil”.

I have learned so much yet I know so little.

In order to leave, Keith had demanded us to give his newly established charity $750,000. He then demanded his attorney to secure $100,000 paid to him, mind you, not to his new charity which he was about to establish after his departure from FFMU, but to him personally. His attorney tried to reason with him.

Farrukh even claimed in one email that he has no interest in 2.9 million. Yet in an another email, he claimed that all funds are accredited to his efforts and belongs to him, while in another email, he presents a kicker; Farrukh would send Keith an “accusation sheet” against us as if it was Keith’s testimony. Keith then would sign it as if it was him who wrote it while all three were salivating over the 2.9 Million in the charity. Mosheh then writes Keith salivating over the 2.9 million after telling them that he had just beaten his wife:

Farrukh then notices that Mosheh was losing his grip and gone ‘money mad’ tries to calm him down telling Mosheh to stop beating his wife and that he does not give a damn about 2.9 million:

Always reverse what a hypocrite says they “hate” and it is exactly what they “love”. On May 1st, Farrukh (who is not interested in the money, of course) whips up several bullet point accusation sheet for Keith to send to the board titled “The Charge Sheet of Salameh Family“. On May 7th, Keith takes “The Charge Sheet of Salameh Family” to Lance’s board of directors claiming we (the Salameh/Shoebat family) are only interested in 2.9 million:

So the evidence they present is that we (the Shoebats) want to get away from corrupt Pakistan and divert the charity to aid American and Mexican widows and orphans. Keith then writes Mosheh telling him to stop dealing with Grid-Nexus (our host provider in the U.S.) and to be ‘patient’ and that “the trap is being set” for the Shoebats:

“Relax” Keith tells Mosheh adding “the Shoebats are on a very sticky wicket the trap is being set”.

Mosheh then pitches in his view on how the takeover must restructure the charity stating that Farrukh, Keith and himself become the board of directors:


Mosheh, desperate for cash, unhappy how the deal is working out, then threatens to murder Keith. “I take it seriously when I say I will fu**ing kill you” Mosheh writes Keith.

Thuggery was the norm on how Farrukh, Keith and Mosheh operated. In one email Farrukh writes Keith “I fu**ed Shukla” a female human rights activist whom Keith and Farrukh dealt with transferring money.

The conspiracy was set. The final takeover of the charity was in motion while “the trap” (whatever that may be) was set for the Shoebats. Whatever Farrukh dictated, Keith’s attitude was to instantly  ‘trust and obey’.

Farrukh who claims he is not interested in a cent from the charity jots down what Keith must state, that the 2.9 million has been dedicated to “the far east” (Pakistan, i.e Farrukh). In his last screed to us, he laments, how dare the Shoebats plan to spend the 2.9 million on “widows” and “orphans” in the U.S. and Mexico.

In Mexico we planted a clinic supervised by a trusted priest: Jose Louis Parragan. Parragan was so tested that when we, on several occasions, offered him aid (money), he always would say that his ministry is “satisfied” and that he needs no money for medicine since local doctors donated medicine for free.

Real aid needs no PR or advertisement. It works discreetly and functions through other trusted pastors.

Farrukh’s plans, we suspect, came from a powerful entity in Pakistan that infiltrates and destroys from within. And now that we understand how Keith, who in past emails to others, expressed his anti-LGBT spirit and even sent articles for Theodore to publish against the LGBT, to only now become a full-fledged LGBT defender, while becoming completely silent on Islam.

Farrukh Harrison Saif

It was all due to his desire to launch Farrukh as he launched us. But with the effeminate Farrukh, for Keith to do his PR, he wanted us silenced on the LGBT issues. Farrukh writes Keith with:

Keith then jots it in his Board Resolution:

But the battle with our betrayers is not over yet. We are persistent. In the board minutes, it is recorded:

Mr. Silver motioned for forensic accounting back to 2007 of Mr. Davies expenditures due to potential fraud. Ms. Maria Salameh, Mr. Theodore Salameh, and Mr. Walid Salameh seconded.

Mr. Silver requested for all records to be turned over to Mr. Walid Salameh and he. Mr. Silver commented that Mr. Davies “shunned” him out of the board for 12 years. Ms. Maria Salameh said that the entire board needs to review the records. Mr. Walid Salameh said he wants to contract with a third party company for a forensic audit and that Mr. Davies should fully cooperate with the board’s request.
Atty. Goedert asked Mr. Davies what CPA or accounting firm he uses. Mr. Davies said Mr. Roy Brito CPA of Newtown, PA audited FFMU each year.

Mr. Walid Salameh emphasized a forensic audit is needed to go over all statements due to financial discrepancies over the last 8 years concerning the wiring of monies, the use of credit cards, the potential mingling of for-profit funds with non-profit funds, and the admissions of theft of funds by Mr. Mosheh Avraham with the potential assistance of Mr. Davies. Mr. Walid Salameh added to the motion for Mr. Davies cooperation with the forensic audit. Mr. Davies consented to cooperation. Motion was amended per request of Mr. Walid Salameh to have Mr. Davies turn over all books and records and request Mr. Davies’ cooperation in the investigation. Mr. Silver agreed to the amendment. Motion in favor of a forensic audit of Mr. Davies and to have Mr. Davies turn over all financial books and records and cooperate in the investigation:

All in favor:

(Y) A. Bieszad
(Y) J. Cuzick
(Y) J. Kushner
(Y) J. Puder
(Y) M. Salameh
(Y) T. Salameh
(Y) W. Salameh
(Y) L. Silver
(8 Yes, 0 No)

Why forensic audit? For example, in the emails, Keith owns a defunct greeting cards company called Top Executive Greetings. In the emails, we find many questionable dealings. In one, Keith is sending Violet Parveen (whom he touted was a hero) in Pakistan an invoice where Keith claims he shipped her 130,000 greeting cards. The invoice number is miraculously in sequence 34567 which all adds up to $11,700.

So what is this all about? This would be a truck load of greeting cards shipped all the way to Pakistan? Money was supposed to rescue slaves in Pakistan, but now we have money (all of the sudden) come from Pakistan to Keith’s account?

Is Keith a persecuted Jew who is now receiving aid from Muslim Pakistan? Or is this money simply circulating where some rescue money goes to Pakistan as ‘aid’ and then turns around to Keith as sales for Top Executive Greetings? We even find draft emails where Farrukh is given Keith’s personal accounts and not vise versa.

Draft emails where the other side knows the password and access will not go through the pipeline. We are sure that a forensic audit by an expert company will decipher everything. Indeed. The emails even reveal, Keith’s main goal was to sabotage the website that never belonged to him:

On May 27th, the day when our website crashed, Keith wrote “We have a web site shoebat.com which I just shut down today …”

Timing is crucial. It was when we were about to expose Keith that he deleted our recordings on Video Press prior to publishing. Grid Nexus had to inform him to stop, that it would do no good, since we have stored the videos. When Fox Rosthchild wrote us (trying to scare us) to preserve the data, we were glad to tell Keith’s attorney that we would do anything to oblige.

As the minutes record:

Mr. Walid Salameh motioned to terminate Mr. Davies from FFMU, Mr. Silver seconded.
Mr. Walid Salameh mentioned that timing is crucial with the inquiry into Mr. Davies activities and said inquiries into unauthorized wire transfers of money overseas to Mr. Davies’ “accomplices” by Mr. Walid Salameh resulted in an attempt at a hostile takeover of FFMU and attempts to terminate Mr. Walid Salameh and Mr. Theodore Salameh from the board of FFMU and then shut down Shoebat.com by deception.

It all adds up.

Only a narcissist can become a cocktail of good mixed with utter evil. Mosheh Avraham (Keith’s security man from Israel), from his emails and writings, it turns out was a practicing Wiccan who goes by the demon name Zusuk. Mosheh began dabbling as soon as he immigrated to Israel. I finally began to understand why God in the Old Testament reveals that the world (including Israel) will plunge into neo-paganism and sorcery. Mosheh in Israel, Keith’s hire, participates in LuminariMUD.com (which he created) is mixed with the occult:

Mosheh (Zusuk), writes:

“By tapping into these non-physical channels, the world as we know it can be dramatically manipulated, bending and twisting the very laws of physics that we think we understand.”

Zusuk was none other than Mosheh Avraham:

With Mosheh’s dabbling, he now acquired a dual personality and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Psychiatrists differ with theologians. In Christianity the world cannot comprehend how one can open the portals of hell.  Now we began to understand why he always said: “I have the power” “I have control of everything”. In his mind, his medium assured him that now he can gain power and control over us.

After our probe, Mosheh Avraham, Keith’s contracted security specialist in Israel, in an email (knowing he could be caught), admits he stole $1,000 and then $12,000 by claiming to be mentally ill. But we still need to search the possibility of other embezzlements. Prior to his claim of insanity, we restructured his threats via video where Mosheh threatened the charity that he could divert all funds to himself. He was offended when we removed his passwords and then Keith aided him ordering Grid-Nexus to re-establish Mosheh and by this he forced himself in proving that he completely controls everything acting as if he was “the boss” and threatened to divert the funds.

“You took me out,” says Mosheh. How dare we eliminate the thief? He then says that: “I can redirect all the money” “I have all the power” “do you understand that?”

The bullying was accompanied with countless threats via email where Mosheh believed in his demonic mind that he has “power”.

But now that we triumphed, all his powers slipped away. Even his wife abandoned him and took the kids. In the emails, he ended up begging Keith for money and fears being homeless.

The devil seeks to kill and to destroy while Christ came to “destroy all the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

It is this “Sodom” and “Egypt” what I missed for years in my lacking interpretations. The Scriptures predicted the worship of “Sodom and Egypt” where “our Lord was crucified” (Revelation 11:8).

It was here were I realized my errors when I always uplifted the earthly Jerusalem. To Judas, such recognition became my crime. But even there, in the very land I love, where our Lord roamed, this earthly Jerusalem has become worse than Sodom.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Jerusalem’s Via Delarosa and the Falafel stands and its ultimate reconciliation with God.

Walid Shoebat and my sister Mona Shoebat in Jerusalem. I do not know where Mona is. I haven’t heard from her in 28 years

But God desired us to focus on the “Jerusalem above”. Zechariah warned:

“all who lift her up [earthly Jerusalem] will be cut off” (Zechariah 12:3)

“All who lift her up” includes Muslim and proclaiming Christians and Jews. Jerusalem must first be redeemed.

My latest experience was prophecy unfolding on a personal level. Refining comes by fire and persecution.

I have never thought that such betrayal on such theological differences would come from Jews like Keith and Mosheh.

But to the two, they call on all to lift up Jerusalem regardless of her sin. Many in Israel by use of the Kabala open the portals of hell and the paganism of Egypt. Mosheh (Zusuk) as a religious Jew even lifts up Osiris for his salvation:

“God vivifies the world … kindness by fellow Ossirians and salvation”

These will eventually lift up satan and even worship the beast. The Kabala is a guid back to Egypt’s paganism as when they worshipped the calf in the Sinai. Satan does not simply carve a statue of a calf, but he slowly leads the masses to worship him through it.

Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Rev 9:21)

Yet God desired us to focus on the Jerusalem above and not the earthly Jerusalem that: “all who lift her up [earthly Jerusalem] will be cut off” (Zechariah 12:3).

God desires to redeem Israel by His Son. Besides His Son, nothing will be acceptable in God’s Eye. Nothing.

God will redeem Israel. But today, Israel through the Kabala, is going back to Egypt’s paganism. And then comes Sodom. God describes this earthly Jerusalem we see today literally as “Sodom”. So few even read and contemplate:

Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations, And say, Thus saith the Lord God unto Jerusalem;…thy younger sister that dwelleth at thy right hand is Sodom, and her daughters. But neither hast thou walked in their ways, nor hast thou done a little less than they according to their wickednesses: thou hast done almost more wicked things than they in all thy ways. As I live, saith the Lord God, thy sister Sodom herself, and her daughters, have not done as thou hast done, and thy daughters. Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom thy sister, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and to the poor. And they were lifted up, and committed abominations before me: and I took them away as thou hast seen. (Ezekiel 16:46-50)

Jerusalem as we see it today, in God’s eyes, is worse than Sodom where they have risen to the extend that Benjamin Netanyahu calls on the LGBT to vote for his party.

As much as I resisted to see Jerusalem for what it is in Ezekiel 16, this is the Word of God. To God I say “I trust and I obey”.

It took shock therapy for me to see this. How could it be possible that my right hand Keith and Mosheh, whom I cared for the last decade and a half, would betray us for Sodom? Isaiah 3 also predicted this:

“Jerusalem staggers, Judah is falling” “And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them” “they parade their sin like Sodomthey do not hide it Woe to them … Youths oppress my peoplewomen rule over them” “And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour.” “And rings, and jewels hanging on the forehead, And changes of apparel, and short cloaks, and fine linen, and crisping pins, And looking-glasses, and lawns, and headbands, and fine veils.”

Even the gay parades, God predicted “their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it“. It is in the open.

All this will end up in civil unrest. This “Egypt” in Isaiah 19 is not strictly Cairo Egypt, but the whole earth:

And I will set the Egyptians to fight against the Egyptians: and they shall fight brother against brother, and friend against friend, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.

It is “kingdom against kingdom”. The LGBT issue will engulf the earth and God’s children only have two choices: to look towards the heavenly Jerusalem ahead or to look back in sympathy over Sodom. The latter is the damnation regardless of the claim of being “godly”.

While the website, Mosheh and his friends created, LuminariMud.com, claims to be a ‘game’, Mosheh (Zusuk) gets serious and exposes his true belief:

“By tapping into these non-physical channels, the world as we know it can be dramatically manipulated, bending and twisting the very laws of physics that we think we understand.”

So much for dabbling into the Kabala; Mosheh now officially and medically has multiple personalities opening the portals of hell.

Now we began to understand what had happened. Now we began to understand why he always said: “I have control over you”. This whole time we were unequally yoked. We sinned against God and God wanted to remove this yoke from us.

I will extol thee, O Lord, for thou hast upheld me: and hast not made my enemies to rejoice over me. O Lord my God, I have cried to thee, and then hast healed me. Thou hast brought forth, O Lord, my soul from hell: thou hast saved me from them that go down into the pit.

These truly hated us because we stood against all evil.

In Bethlehem we always said “beware of your enemy one measure, but beware of your friends a thousand measures“.

Most do not understand my life. I was sent globally to teach and speak and have met with wealthy and powerful people I rarely discuss. I hated fame, especially book signing and photo ops. I kept my contacts personal. I became a whistle blower and investigated many. From Huma Abedin’s family and her Muslim Brotherhood connections to Malek Obama who bought a sex child, I used my skill and knowledge of Islam and Arabic to expose all evil.

A private meeting with Bachman and Rorabacher in Washington. She was a decent Christian who consulted us to expose Huma Abedin and then was slandered by the evil John McCain who might depart to hell shortly.

I always kept in my mind that I know nothing when I seek to know the heart of God. I never stopped searching and correcting the errors of my ways. My intent was pure and simple not realizing that I was living in the land of marketers, advertisement and public relations hypocrites. These will say and do anything for the other vanity: money and fame. I finally decided to put a complete stop and the more we told the truth the more we were hated where this marketer Keith would call and harangue us complaining that we are losing money. Initially Keith claimed that his marketing generated the funds. So one day we decided to turn off the donation button for a couple of weeks to only have him call complaining that nothing was coming in.

Now we completely turned off the curse. Many would comment that they “donate” to twist our arms and silence us. We simply told these to take back their green toilet paper.

Keith saw the potential and had latched on to us in 2001 to later in 2006 devise a 501 c (3) with Lance Silver. I knew zip about 501 c (3). They informed me that in order to be a board member, that my legal name and address must be disclosed.

Fearing for my wife and children and with FFMU’s liberal bylaws intended to appease public relations (Keith’s PR) I initially rejected to be associated with the charity. I was Christian and not simply secular. I harangued for years to change the bylaws to “Christian” to no avail.

I continued my mission to only watch year after year how I was forced into becoming a property of this “FFMU”. It was by hook or by crook that I had to abide by Keith’s rules. So I watched what was mine became ‘501 c (3)’; where my books and website were thrown into the nonprofit mix and then this Keith, every year jotted Lance’s board members (who were written on the IRS 990 filings) while keeping such members completely in the dark. In the last few years Keith lied to the public claiming that none of the board received salaries:

This was a flat out lie. The emails reveal Keith’s W2: 91k deposited yearly into his Top Executive Greetings. Keith has been selling our “for profit” books robbing us, while he forced us to receive our entire pay from the charity.

This wicked man received his salary by skimming from our book sales and deposited the money into his Top Executive Greetings, a defunct greeting card company, while he filed “0” for salaries deceiving the public and the IRS.

And by acting as if he ‘owned the charity’ he (with the Muslim Farrukh) then became chairman, board, bank signatory, book owner … and then claimed that since he is the only “valid board member in the Christian charity”, he then began to operate in the dark while with us became the full-fledged narcissist. We were all locked in as property where even Andrew Bieszad was told not to report even if it is the truth:

Keith states: “while I do not doubt the truth concerning the article …”

Truth was inconsequential to Keith. Jews (including himself) do no harm. To Keith it was not a war of good versus evil but the worship of race regardless to how many times we told him that in the Old Testament God condemned Saul for killing the Canaanites in his aspiring for Israel’s nationalism. To these Saul was right and God was wrong, all the while they claimed to love the Scriptures.

Every time we exposed someone, dare we expose them if they are Jewish. The “bad Jew” and the “ugly Jew” must be lumped with the “good Jew” for the cause.

And by this, the entire Old and New Testament becomes anti-Semitic. “The synagogue of Satan” is now “the Synagogue of God”. And dare we have the trial of Jesus or critique the Kabalah or the Talmud, which are the writings of man.

Evangelicals who trumpet “the Word of God” and condemn Catholic Tradition, dare not condemn Jewish Tradition. It was a world of blind leading the blind and hypocrites copulating with other hypocrites.

While Keith attempted to control everything and everyone, his sidekick in Israel, Mosheh Avraham, the wizard, held all the software security. I was sent on three thousand flights throughout the world, without any respect to proper scheduling or rest. If I complained it was considered “whining”. Later on, My son became his target.

Keith truly did not care about Christian persecution and always looked towards concocting loan schemes. I counted my exhaustions as the suffering of Paul. We always thought that someday this Keith, a Jew, might see the light of Messiah and as Christians we must forgive seventy times seven. So I was gifted with the patience of Moses and Job combined and tolerated whatever he dished. I hated eating with him in restaurants for even the waitresses were harassed by him for the slightest mistake. Dare they forget and add shredded cheese on his salad or forget to mix 53% of a specific brand of seltzer with 47% of a specific brand of grapefruit juice. He bolted insults at board director Joseph Puder for bringing in a Coptic Christian into a meeting he considered ‘private’. So many hated him and begged me to get rid of him. The emails reveal very long lists of personal credit card expenses mixed with charity business that only a forensic audit can resolve.

By 2013 when Christians were getting beheaded by Islamists, Theodore began to raise funds and he was so successful without any of Keith’s marketing schemes which he paid with credit card for advertisements. We truly did not know how much Judas had in the purse. By 2015, my wife, Maria had me realize that I needed to at least become signatory and be added to the board. Keith resisted vehemently since this would remove his narcissistic control over us and the public charity. He always reminded that the whole world would finally know my legal name and my address.

Now that my fears are behind me; my name is what I have always disclosed to the public: I am Walid Shoebat: Walid son of Ahmad (the blessed) son of Daud (David) son of Salameh (Solomon) son of Musallam (as in Meshullam is the scriptures) son of Khamees (the five) of the clan Shoebat (the Branch).

The Shoebat (the branch) stemmed from Wadi Jebel Musa (the canyon of Mount Moses) and then into Bethlehem where my great grandfather Salameh became a major land owner during the Ottomans. He owned parcels of land from where the biblical Boaz dwelt. I was actually born in Beit Sahour (the Shepherd’s Fields) a vicinity within Bethlehem and I currently reside in Texas.

As it was the tradition, when I was born, my family, sacrificed two doves and tightly wrapped me in swaddling cloth. The midwife was a Christian named Matilda and my Bethlehemite grand mother was the most loving woman I have ever known. My grand father was the only chieftain who survived the executions of Haj Amin Al Husseini, Hitler’s man in the Muslim world. He gave much of his land to the poor Christians who migrated and he loved Christians and did not like Muslims even though he himself was born Muslim. My grand mother would tell me what the priests taught her, that Jerusalem, during the generation of her grand children would become the world’s burdensome stone. She sewed Jewish skullcaps for a living and dressed in the ancient attire. Bethlehem was a Jewish town where a mixture of Jews and Crusaders intermarried.

Chieftain Daud, my grand father and Hilweh (Hilvah) my grand mother

She would tell me of her suffering during the Ottomans having to deliver wheat grinding millstones on her back walking from Bethlehem to Jericho. Our clan hated the Ottomans. In my childhood I lived in Saudi Arabia’s Ras Tannura by the Red Sea where my father worked for the Arab American Oil Corporation (ARAMCO). I then lived 5 years in the lowest part of earth, Jericho, amongst a hyena infested town to later go back to my birthplace: Bethlehem.

Walid, left, Farid my brother, middle, Mona right

Walid Shoebat in the Shepherd’s Fields

I was the younger brother. I came to the U.S. in 1978 to later leave California and hid in Mexico where I escaped from my elder brother, the Esau who complained that I took his birthright. My crime was that I had inherited from my well off grand mother after she blessed me instead of my older brother and she left me with her inheritance. I had owned land in Bethlehem which my brother in his jealously stole even though I have that land given to me by my father for supporting him financially for years. From Mexico, Texas welcomed me with open arms. The governor Rick Perry had gifted me the very flag that flew over the governors building and in Kentucky I was honored with the certificate of Colonel Shoebat.

I had prayed to God to replenish the land I lost in Bethlehem due to my conversion. I was fortunate. Out of the blues, I was offered 40 plots of land for a nickel on the dollar. God replenished me ten fold of everything I was robbed by my ‘friends’.

Texas reminds me of the stone buildings in Bethlehem. For a hobby, I do detailed architecture plans, and with my other son (Carlos) who taught himself to become a master carpenter (the trade of Jesus and Joseph) we began a venture: building colonial style haciendas. The idea was that the simple can now afford to live in a hacienda where all the built-ins are of superb quality woodwork. We are gifted with much blessings and I love Texas and will die in it. I had offered to build a home for widows with a lot I wanted to donate to Rescue Christians. This, for some reason, angered Keith Davies as he called such actions “social welfare”. His emails are littered with contempt for my offer to help widows and orphans.

But even in Texas I still have a desire to go home: to the heavenly Jerusalem.

I torment daily for a lost world always wondering what sort of a life will my sons have to endure. I seek nothing of this world but to live in peace on a plot of land and to finally rest. Had it not been for having a loving wife and wonderful two sons I would beg the Lord take me.

My beloved wife Maria Shoebat

So my true name is Walid Shoebat, as it is written on my birth certificate, “born in Bethlehem of Judea”. My mother is an American Christian who was held against her will for two decades. The most dramatic part of my life was when I was so persistent to rescue my son Theodore who was kidnapped. Some day I will share the story with all the court records to prove it. I had banged my head on the wall for months promising God that if he would rescue my son, that I would dedicate the child to him and will do His will in my life.

Mind you, I was Muslim. That crucial experience taught me persistence. It eventually caused me to relate to God’s agony over His Son’s suffering. All my pains and agonies were meant for good. My son turned out a self-taught historian and theologian. I do not interfere in what he says and he teaches us much. I then rescued my Christian American mother out of the Middle East after I became Christian.

And yes, I did put that bomb in Manger Square in Bethlehem (just check the link for “Manger Square” and it took me years to find my bombing from the United Nations records. CNN’s pro-LGBT Griffin and Anderson Cooper lied when they said that there were “no bombings in manger square”. I did tell the truth. I dare the world prove me “a liar” and “a fraud”.

I am the fraud who tried his best to tell the truth while the world listened to frauds disguised as truthful. I had many struggles, but in the end I triumph through Christ. I do not give up easily and persistence is my best trait. I hate evil in all its forms and I do believe that just to look towards Sodom will bring us eternal damnation.

Though I have my shares of sin, I strive to refine and do what is right in the eyes of God. I despise liars and thieves and having grown in Bethlehem, it is unlike Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Palestinians in Bethlehem are resilient to adapt to the idea that a man plunging another man’s rectum as ‘normal’. Its just plain disgusting. Most know this, but fear to express what they believe to be true.

Truth isolates. Most do not even know how much David lived in isolation in Ein Gedi. Eventually the whole of Israel, as scriptures declare, went against him. All he had were few Levites and foreigners stand with him and in the end he was victorious. In other words, there is a better chance that Palestinians would stand with the Son of David more than Israel would. In David’s time one could say that the Palestinians stood with Daud (David). And yes, the proper pronunciation of David is Daud, not David. There is no “v” in the Semitic language. This “v” came from the Jews of Europe.

But today I live in a world of cowards where Sodom and Egypt engulf the souls of men. These do not realize that “cowards will never inherit the Kingdom of God” (Revelation 21:8).

Today I finally learned to trust no one except my family. We had adopted to help Mosheh Avraham for years who deceived us. Even Keith, when his kids were sick, I would spend hours researching for remedies while he cursed my son. In the end, Zusuk’s message was simple: we better never get him angry or this Zusuk will unleash hell. But then by the prayers of nuns, all such ‘powers’ began to fade away from Mosheh and Keith, little by little, and piece by piece, so that I triumph over my enemies. I wanted to finally confront Keith to his ear:

“The board is here, Mr. Davies. This is what you wanted isn’t it? You planned and wanted the board to oust us out. But as it turns out, Mr. Davies, the very board, that you wanted to oust us out, now wants to oust you out.”

Later on Judas was excused and the newly elected Board of Directors voted unanimously (8 to 0) and terminated Keith Davies. The takeover failed and instead we had victory.

Through Christ, we will defeat our enemies even if our enemies slaughter us. When I get done with my battles, within five years, I intend to finally go into reclusion far away from all these controversies. I am tired of attempting to correct the lying lips that always run into error. I miss my Bethlehem and my family and the shepherds. I miss the Field of Boaz and Siyar where the angel announced the birth of Christ and where the Ark was proclaimed to have given birth to my King. The good news was not given to the noble, but to the pious workers who prepared the sacrifices in humble Bethlehem. Christ did not ride a limousine but a humble donkey. He chose not to be born in Jerusalem but in Bethlehem. Not once was Bethlehem ever cursed in the Scriptures. This is not the case for Jerusalem. We were a frugal people. Money is the vanity of vanities.

I am weary watching daily the entire earth plunge into Sodom reverting backwards to Egypt. It is all turning into the Dead Sea. I am drained daily watching so many, like Lot’s wife, they look in sympathy, backwards towards Sodom. These will perish regardless that they believed themselves godly. I am daily reminded of what the prophet Isaiah said: to recluse:

“Go, my people, enter into thy chambers, shut thy doors upon thee, hide thyself a little for a moment, until the indignation pass away. For behold the Lord will come out of his place, to visit the iniquity of the inhabitants of the earth against him: and the earth shall disclose her blood, and shall cover her slain no more.” (Isaiah 26:20)