Archive | June 9, 2018

The Top Court Of The European Union Declares To European Countries That Do Not Recognize Homosexual Marriage: ‘You Must Accept Gay Marriage!’

By Theodore Shoebat The sodomite elites in the EU’s top court are now trying to force European countries that do not recognize ‘same-sex marriage’ to accept sodomite marriage. According to one report from CNN: The European Union’s top court ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to the same residency rights as other married couples, even […]

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Chancellor Merkel Declares That Germany Cannot “Fully Rely On Others” And Must Do “Reforms” To ‘Lead Europe’ Again

German Chancellor Merkel made an aggressive speech, saying that the US can no longer be relied upon to maintain the post-World War II order, and the Germany would have to take a more aggressive, “European” role in world affairs to deal with crises, citing especially the “migration crisis”: Chancellor Angela Merkel made a forceful pitch […]

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Sweden Mobilizes Its Entire Home Guard In Unprecidented Move, Prepares For War With Russia

Sweden, known to some as “Swedistan” or just “the nation of limp-wristed homosexuals,” has mobilized its entire Home Guard in an unprecidented move that has talk of preparing for war against Russia: For the first time since the height of Cold War, Sweden has called its entire Home Guard force – 22,000 reservists – for […]

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