Archive | June 11, 2018

Christianity Is So Hated That Satanists Are Openly Attacking Clergy In Their Churches In The UK

Christianity has experienced a precipitous decline in the UK. Some people have celebrated this and the ensuing rise of “secularism” and “reason.” Nature abhors a vacuum, and where Christ, who is the true light, is no more, then as the light has been extinguished, darkness must enter in. Secularism and agnosticism are not the only […]

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Man Cuts His Penis Off, Calls Himself A Woman, Then Beats A Woman In The Face So Badly Her Eye Socket Breaks

Former US Navy soldier turned MMA fighter Boyd Burton chopped off his penis, had an artificial hole installed between his legs and in combination with taking hormones and changing his name to Fallon Fox has become the UFC’s first “transgender” fighter. However, controversy has erupted after in a recent fight is savagely defeated his opponent, […]

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