Archive | June 16, 2018

Former Mexican Drug Cartel Executioner Says In Interview That After The Cartels Initiate New Members By Murdering People And Having The Recruits Cannibalize The Remains

In a shocking interview on Mexican television, a former hit man who was involved in torturing and executing people for his cartel, Los Rojos, says that the cartels would feast on the remains of the dead bodies as a part of “initiating” new recruits: He started as a hawk when he was 16 years old, […]

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Major Victory For The LGBT As Polish Court Rules Against Printer Who Refused To Print A Banner For The Sodomites

In a ruling that is being compared to the “gay cakes” rulings in the USA, the Polish supreme court has ruled against a printer for refusing to print a banner because he did not want to promote the sodomite agenda: Poland’s Supreme Court ruled against a print shop employee who refused to print banners for […]

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Infamous Pedophile Who Made Videos Of Himself Raping And Torturing Small Children And Babies Sentenced To Life In Prison

Peter Scully was an Australian pedophile who moved to the Philippines. While living there, he earned money by raping small children and babies, torturing them sometimes to death, filming the gruesome scene, and selling the videos for money on the Internet. His videos have even been on Facebook. He was arrested, tried, and recently sentenced […]

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