Archive | June 26, 2018

Pennsylvania Judge Blocks Publication Of Largest Yet Publication On Sex Abuse In The Catholic Church

2002 was a major year for the Catholic Church. It was the year the sexual abuse crisis exploded, following a series of articles published in the Boston Globe and Hartford Courant detailing the systematic sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests and bishops who then conspired to hide their crimes. The crisis has never fully […]

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Major Media Organization Declares That A Desire To Sodomize Boys Is Completely Natural

By Theodore Shoebat People have been saying for years that to argue that the LGBT movement is going to lead to pedophilia is a “slippery slope fallacy.” Well, its not a fallacy. Toleration for Sodom is already leading to the promotion of pedophilia, with TED Talks — one of the biggest media organizations in the […]

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Austria Deploys 600 Police Officers And 400 Soldiers For Major Military Exercise On How To Keep Migrants Out

By Theodore Shoebat Austria recently conducted a major training exercise on how to keep migrants out, deploying 600 police officers and 400 soldiers for the exercise. As we read in one report from RT: Hundreds of Austrian soldiers and police were involved in a border protection exercise that simulated containing migrants amid fears neighboring Germany […]

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