Archive | June 28, 2018

Will Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Finally End Abortion?

By Theodore Shoebat With Justice Anthony Kennedy resigning, Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court justice who will replace him could be the biggest threat to Roe V. Wade (i.e., the allowing of abortion or infanticide) ever. Pro-abortion agents are already preparing to lobby against whatever actions Trump’s pick could make against Roe. As we read […]

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Demon Possessed Man In Oregon Beheads His Own Mother, He Then Walks Into A Grocery Store Holding His Mom’s Decapitated Head

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Oregon beheaded his own mother. They say that he is “schizophrenic” but we all know that that is a cover for demonic possession. The possessed then proceeded to go into a grocery store with his mother’s head. As we read in a report from the Washington Post:  A man […]

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