Archive | June 2, 2018

HIV-Infected Muslim Taxi Driver Rapes Five Women In His Taxi, Says “It Just Happened”

An HIV-infected Pakistani taxicab driver has been arrested and charged with raping five women he drove in his taxi. When confronted with his actions, he said that it “just happened”: A Pakistani taxi driver in Switzerland accused of crimes including abduction has been given a short jail sentence for the rape and sexual assault of […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Village, Take 10 People And Cut Their Heads Off

Muslim terrorists attacked a village in Mozambique and beheaded ten people according to a report: Ten people, including women and children, were decapitated in the East African nation of Mozambique by suspected Islamic jihadis, government officials have said. The attack came Sunday in the Monjane village in the Cabo Delgado province, which has large oil […]

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Homosexuals Freak Out At Christian Man For Reading From The Bible And Believing What It Says

Matt Powell is a Protestant Christian man who has caused a stirrup onlinge among the LGBT for saying that per the Bible, homosexuals are worthy of death: What are they putting in the water in YouTuber-ville? Just after learning that electronic musician Pogo “fist bumped” when he learned of the Orlando Pulse massacre (and then […]

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