Archive | June 30, 2018

Turkey Praises Kazakhstan As She Renames An Entire Region Of Her Nation After The Ancient Turks And Moves The Regional Capitol To Major Center Of Sufi Islam- This Is A Sign That Pan-Turkism Is Growing

One of Turkish President Erdogan’s top advisors, Yalcin Topcu, praised Kazakh President Nursultan Nurbayev for renaming the entire southern region of Kazakhstan to “Turkestan”: A top adviser to Turkish president said Thursday “the cradle of our civilization will be Turkestan”, hailing Kazakhstan’s decision to change the name of its southern region to Turkestan. Speaking to […]

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The Government Of Israel Bows Down To Turkey And Refuses To Recognize The Armenian Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Israel has bowed down to Turkey, with its refusal (to the disappointment of some members of the Knesset) to recognize the Armenian Genocide in which the Ottoman Empire slaughtered over a million Armenian Christians. As we read in one report from Yahoo! News: An Israeli parliamentary vote scheduled for […]

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