Deranged Left-Wing Journalist Calls For Mass Executions By Guillotine Of Anybody Who Supports Or Supported Donald Trump.

Several days ago, Milo Yiannopoulos said he wanted to “execute” journalists who wrote views about him which he disagreed with. Now a well-known left-wing journalist, Michael Winters, has come out and said he wants to put to death by guillotine all people who voted for Trump:

Normally, when I get into a debate with a conservative friend and we are at an impasse, with no hope for resolution, I try to ease the tension with levity, and say, “Well, when the revolution comes, I will put in a good word for you and your family.” To my friends in the Republican political and legal establishment who have not stood up to Trump: When the revolution comes, you are on your own, and I will be clamoring not for mercy but for a seat next to the guillotine, where I can do my knitting. (source)


Milo is LGBT. He is on the political “right.”

Winters is a defender of the LGBT, and some say that he was a ‘flamboyantly gay’ seminarian some decades ago (source). He is clearly on the political “left”.

Violent rhetoric is coming from both sides, and it is increasing in tone and severity of words used.

While at times it is tempting to jump into the “conversation” and express one’s opinion, there is little constructive that could be added at the current moment which would diffuse the tensions.

Both sides are convinced they have the morally superior position.

Both sides place their personal philosophical views to which they adhere as first before religion. It is clear that if either Milo or Michael were “Catholic” they would oppose homosexuality because it is basic Catholic teaching, but instead defend it with zealous passion.

Both sides are now saying they will murder each other in the name of their cause.

The problem with the “West” today is not one of “liberals” or “conservatives”. It is a rot cause by moral decay from within from which the subsequent problems have generated. The rise of the LGBT should not a surprise, because if one assumes Biblical teachings to be true, one can view the rise of the LGBT as the formal acceptance of sin as culture that has replaced what the society previously held as true.

One cannot build a house with rotten wood, because the wood will collapse in mere time. As such, the society itself is not just rotten, but that which is being proposed to repair it- the various “conservative” and “liberal” philosophies, are themselves choosing to use materials that cannot sustain the edifice because they are flawed.

The way to fix the problem is to replace the flawed material- the bad philosophy- with the proper philosophy. Yet people do not want to do this because it means embracing a position which they do not like.

This is part of why the world is rushing to war. It is not a matter of “having a conversation” or “calming down” or “those guys are wrong.” It is because the premises themselves are inherently given to failure. In this quest for power but devoid from authentic truth, the only end can be massive conflict which ultimately benefits nobody.

Changing politicians will not work because the politicians reflect the will of the masses. A change of office will likely worsen the current situation because those who replace the current batch of people will only perpetuate the status quo, as politicians always do.

The common man, for the most part, cannot make any definitive moves against the major players in finance and industry. For most people, they are so indebted and tied to the structures of society through their jobs and ideas of “proper” behavior they are essentially worthless. In addition, most people in any society do not want to go against what is accepted. Figure that the women- who make up 50%- will not oppose because women are followers, leaving only 50%. Of those people, 25% are living on $10 an hour or less, which is very difficult for a single person to live on, let alone a family. The average household debt is almost 200K, and when combined with credit cards, auto debt, and other forms of debt well surpasses 200K.

Debt slaves can barely survive. How can they be expected to care about more than just feeding themselves and their families? It makes them all the easier to control and manipulate.

If one is already indebted- as is the average American- why must one espouse a political position for which both support the same fundamental philosophy of power at all cost with respect to none? To support either side will not actually better the nation, but will only further its decline.

So what is such a man to do?

The answer is to take the side of truth.

I do not speak of “choosing a political” side here in which one is “more true” than the other, because if the Trump election has shown, there is absolutely no substantial difference between Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton except in outward trappings. The fundamental “plan,” which is the return of Europe to war and the expansion of American economic and geopolitical objectives at all costs and the “elimination” of “undesirable” peoples through various forms of eugenics has continued unmitigated and only hastened with each passing president. This is because the politicians are ornament on a tree, arranged by the owners of the house who purchased the tree.

There are many issues which are serious and in need of being addressed. However, we emphasize the LGBT issue because in terms of moral truth- truths which are held by most human societies throughout history and not merely Christian dogma- it is regarded an intrinsically immoral act, and yet the support of this very act today is considered now by both political parties in the USA and throughout much of the Western World to be a metric against which to measure a man’s patriotism and increasingly, worthiness of a place in society. It is the fastest way, in a moral sense, to differentiate between those who support orthodox Christian teaching and those who do not.

Fools rush in where wise men dare not tread, and fools seek to align themselves in arguments in politics with those who oppose their beliefs at a philosophical level today.

An individual man, or even large groups of men cannot stop much of what in happening today.

The wise man who knows that he cannot fight and reasonably either win or generate a long-term successful outcome know that now is not the time to attack, but to retreat.

The way out of the economic, political, and cultural mess caused by moral rot is to return to a reexamination and repair of the unit out of which society is created- the individual, then the couple, then the family.

The greatest war fought by any man is against the evils within him. Vice, immorality, and the continual improvement of the self with the end in minds of repeating said pattern for one’s immediate local community, be that a neighbor, a spouse, or in the family is where one can realize the most change.

It is the same contrast between the wars in Iraq versus the wars in Mexico. Iraq is as violent as Mexico, but Americans are terrified of terrorists from Iraq flying over and doing some act of terrorism, meanwhile there is an active war on the US-Mexican border caused by drug cartels and Americans still vacation in Mexico in large numbers. The difference is a matter of perception- the former is a scary evil place, and the latter is a party city with some bad neighborhoods, all while they are both almost equally violent.

It is an equally incorrect perception that either the Republicans or the Democrats in any form will improve the current misery and stop a move to full war. They will not.

Neither can you stop a war from coming.

But you can use your options that you have- to reduce and stop participation in the machine of society that has enabled the current situation, and to engage in active self-improvement so to bring about the rebuilding of society after it inevitably collapses.

The pagan musician Varg Vikernes talks about this on his Youtube Channel. While his philosophy is wrong and he openly admits he hates Christians and Christianity, his views otherwise- the need for a return of morality, a simpler life, the reduction of personal debt, the elimination of excessive luxury, and having a family with chlidren- are all things that the Western world needs today.

This, also, are things which many of the Christian peoples of Africa and other very poor areas already have. One may call them “uneducated” or “backwards,” but many of them will enforce traditional Christian morality, live simple lives, have very little debt or luxuries, and have many children.

Savagery and slavery both begin in the mind and are expressed through the body. Savages can carry spears and shields, but they also can wear suits and cufflinks.

Every man living in the Western world today who in a Christian, who believes in God, and who is sincere about doing what is morally right has an obligation to stand for truth and to remove themselves progressively from the social systems that inculcate dependence and sloth, and to engage in systematic, continual self-improvement so when one is needed to stand for moral truth he will be able to be secure enough in his economic provisions, intellect, and physical body to choose that which absolutely is right and to make said choice regardless of consequences.

Share pearls of wisdom with those who will listen, don’t cast them before swine, and if one discovers a swine in among him, leave the swine for the mud he chooses to sit in. If the Georgia Guidestones are any indication of what has been planned and the prophecies are true, there is much to do and precious little time to be had.