Pornography Is Being Used To Stir Up The Political Left And Right To Push Nationalism, Racism, And Eugenics

In a recent online discussion forum on 4Chan, somebody pointed out that National Socialism was being promoted by subliminal messaging in a porn film. Per the data given in the screenshot, one can note of the conspicuously placed book “The Nazis and the Occult” in the set:


Also, notice there are two more books. A Book about Salvador Dali, and a book called Wild Skin by Carlos Batts, which is about integrating anime and goth fetishwear into Daliean cubism in photography. Dali, as many know, was a famous Catalonian painter known for his odd themes who also supported Hitler in the Second World War.

The video itself appears to have been produced by a joint effort between as “Colossus Media Group” and The former is again, obscure, while the latter only gives a legal notice connecting it to a shell company in the Seychelles Islands off the coast of Africa. However, a little more digging reveals the company is linked to a “David Koonar,” also known as “David Singh” who lives in Canada and has had multiple lawsuits filed against him for copyright infringement by stealing porn clips in US court. You can read the case in Arizona courts here, and one was recently settled in May 2018.

20 more anonymous people are named in the lawsuit with Koonar. Their identities are yet to be known, but would surely be of interest.

But how much are porn websites really focused on National Socialism?

The results for a simple search of “nazi” on one of the world’s largest of such sites returned many videos showing speeches of Hitler, major Nazi songs such as the Horst Wessel Lied, and all kinds of promotional material for National Socialism:


One of the biggest porn websites being pushed on 4Chan’s /pol/ board where there are a lot of people with National Socialist leanings, but also on /b/, the “Random” board (and not safe for work), as well as in the porn boards is the work of Greg Lansky, a Jewish pornographer from France who is creating “cultured” pornography but which specifically promotes white-woman-on-black-man porn and sodomy. He has won many awards in the “Adult” industry and himself said in a 2017 interview that his purpose was to create a “revolution” in porn:

The adult industry is a vehicle of social policy, for the most intimate tastes and feelings are found in the decisions of what people choose to watch. Likewise, while people watch that which interests them, personal tastes can also be modified through repeated exposure to materials, especially if it is presented in a palatable manner. 

While there is nothing wrong with interracial marriage, it is a known fact that interracial pornography is one of the most disliked genres by all people because most people do not find it attractive. Like attracts like, and even pornographers admit that interracial porn invites either disgust and revulsion, or an attraction similar to that which people looking at a car accident or execution videos experience– a sense of attraction based on curiosity similar to what one gets from looking at something that is abnormal. Porn does not elevate people. It is sinful and therefore inherently reductionist in its approach, bringing out the most animalistic desires in a man and encouraging those feelings.

From a political view, porn can also be used to stir up feelings that can be associated with policies to drive people to war and support eugenics, not because these people believe in eugenics per se, but because their feelings of revulsion or attraction generated by the porn act as vehicles to translate emotions to action just as a machine can change mechanical energy to electrical energy.

On the “left,” you have obvious forms of social degeneracy, which is the support of porn itself against moral and family values of more and more extreme forms, and of which interracial porn is traditionally considered a part of. Most of the interracial porn is white woman-black man, and many of the videos are classified as “humiliation” porn, and as many of the videos being produced in recent years show, involved “humiliating” a white man by having black men have sex with the woman in front of her. The people on “the left” have been cheering this as “stopping white racism” and “my body my choice” or other racialist epithets. Such pornography promotes promiscuous sex, and also leads to women, especially white women since they are the main focus, to want to experiment with sex with black men, and to encourage black men to do the same with white women.

On the “right,” you have the people talking about family values but also watching pornography, and when they see many become angry. This can be witnessed in the comments section on 4Chan- just search for the term “blacked” on /pol/ or /b/ and there will be usually at any given time multiple threads with language such as “U MAD WHITE BOI”, and somebody will respond angrily to these threads. As many people do not respond to these threads, they reinforce anger and create racial division because, truly, these threads do insult white men and teach white women as well as many black men to insult the personal dignity of white men. In turn, the “answer” to the problem, is also presented on sites such as 4Chan, and even in some of the porn videos, which is that “Hitler was right” and that eugenics is “necessary” to exterminate “undesirables” in order to “purify” society.

For many men, the perception created by such pornography in combination with other social factors in the dating market has lead many men to withdraw from marriage and even dating all together. This pool of single men with no families, wives, or commitments and plenty of free time is also an ideal pool from which to draw military recruits for a war.

This is not a war between “right and wrong,” but rather the wrong of pornography being used to advance another wrong by encouraging black and white, the sons of Ham and Japheth, to fight each other. Ham is being told that the daughters of Japheth spend their days thinking about him, and that in combination with fantasies of getting domination over Japheth just as Nimrod did in the Bible, that he is “entitled” to whatever he wants and can hurt or steal with impunity from Japheth. Japheth has been suppressed by laws passed against him and harassed by his own daughters through the laws, and to add insult to injury, Japheth is now being told that his wife and daughters are Ham’s personal toys. Japheth is now angry and, given that Noah said he has a position of authority over his brother Ham, he then abuses his civilizational role and begins building tools to enslave, torture, and conduct bizarre experiments on Ham.

Meanwhile, Shem seems to be sitting in the background, encouraging both Ham and Japheth, playing both against each other.

The way to win this “fight” is, as before, to stop partaking in sin because to partake in sin leads one to the possibility of being manipulated to commit more and greater sins and to seek truth at all costs.

Shem, Ham, and Japheth are brothers. Instead of fighting with each other, one must focus that we are sons of Noah, to do what we can for each other, knowing we are all made in God’s image and likeness, and that as with pornography and all sin, the agenda is something far more sinister than what is presented, which here is clearly to encourage, racism, hatred, and eventually eugenics.