Christians Help Save Children With Disabilities Who Are Left To Die As Food For Wild Animals

Some people have children and want to keep them. But in Kenya, when a child is born disabled, some parent do not want the child. Not only will they get rid of the child, but they will leave the disabled child to be eaten by wild animals. Christian missionaries and ministries have been working to stop this barbaric practice and rescue those left for food:

With disabled children being abandoned and left to be eaten by wild animals by their own parents in Kenya, a Christian ministry has taken them under its care and is stressing that everyone is God’s children.

Margaret Njuguna of En-Gedi, a ministry partner of Set Free Ministries, told Mission Network News that children born with disabilities in the African country are often hidden away, or left to die by their own parents, and eaten by wild animals.

“I just went to the local government offices and I found that many people are reported for leaving their disabled children out to die and hiding them and denying them enough food,” Njuguna said.

She said that she encountered a number of disabled children begging in the cities.

“God led me to children who didn’t talk, who didn’t walk. And most of them would die before anybody knows that there’s a child like that,” she said.

Njuguna previously explained that her work is “rescuing children who are abused, neglected, isolated, and some of these children would be left in the bush so that they either die of natural causes or they’re eaten by wild animals. Others will be tethered behind their parents’ houses. They don’t allow them to be part of the family.”

The missionary said that John 10:16 in the Bible inspires her to care for such children.

“As Christians, we are called to be shepherds in this world. Jesus has given us a responsibility to care for our own. And He has others who don’t look like us, they will not be able to walk like us or to talk like us, they don’t have the opportunities. Some have very twisted bodies. They all belong to Him,” she added.

Njuguna and the En-Gedi have been caring, feeding and sheltering such children at their facility, helping them understand that they have value, and working to change the attitudes of parents who abandon them. Many parents fear disabled children might be bad omens.

“As much as they’re not ready to take their children back, we have seen they are building love and that is a big goal that they will see it’s God in the lives of these kids,” she said of parents.

Njuguna admitted that despite positive developments in some cases, there is a long way to go before attitudes can really change in Kenya. She said that while it is hard to see the older generation change their beliefs, the hope lies in the younger generation, that they can be more accepting.

Kenya is a largely Christian country, though a quarter of the population adheres to various indigenous beliefs. In recent years, the country suffered terrorism attacks, including clashes between Christian and Muslim believers.

Reports in January said that several Christian students were knifed and beaten at a high school in Nairobi, after Muslim students attempted to force them to recite the Islamic creed for conversion and undergo Muslim cleansing rituals, sparking a mass fight. (source)

One will look at this and naturally ask “what is wrong with such people?”, and one should ask this.

But the question I ask is, are people in the Western world behaving in a way that is “more civilized?”

Two sins come to mind.

The first sin is obviously abortion. There is no problem with people having sex in the West. There is a masturbation problem, because most of the sexual relations in the west use contraceptives to prevent conceptions, and the natural extensions of the contraceptive mentality are abortion and homosexuality, for if pleasure is placed above generation, then generation is at best a beneficial quality and not the central purpose and so children are valued less than pleasure. Philosophically speaking, if children are an obstruction to one’s pleasure, it is only time before one makes the excuse that children can be disposed of if they obstruct the “quality” of life of a person, as well as one can say that there can be sexual activity with no genitive purpose as with the LGBT.

People criticize the Africans and Muslims for having large families, but their families are so because they believe that families have value. In Europe and America, children are viewed as investments and trophies for a family. The same is true in much of east asia.

The future belongs to those who show up, and in the Western world, people are happy to blame THOSE AFRICANS/MUSLIMS/BROWN PEOPLE OVER THERE for their problems while ignoring that their population flow into Europe, while subsidized by the governments of Europe, is also an extension of their willingness of have children while the peoples of Europe will not. It is a wholly self-inflicted problem on a mass social level.

The second sin is euthanasia. Holland and Switzerland have marketed themselves as nations where a man can go to kill himself if he desires to.

Suicide is murder. It is sad enough when a man decides to murder himself, as this is a crime. However, it is worse when a society declares through their actions that murdering oneself is permissible and then allows for men to profit from businesses that commit murder.

The third sin is killing children with disabilities. This is already happening, mostly through abortion. In Iceland and Denmark, it is claimed that almost no children are born with Down’s Syndrome because the abortion rate is almost 100%:

With a population of around 330,000, Iceland has on average just one or two children born with Down syndrome per year, sometimes after their parents received inaccurate test results. (In the U.S., according to the National Down Syndrome Society, about 6,000 babies with Down syndrome are born each year.)

Olafsdottir responded, “We don’t look at abortion as a murder. We look at it as a thing that we ended. We ended a possible life that may have had a huge complication… preventing suffering for the child and for the family. And I think that is more right than seeing it as a murder — that’s so black and white. Life isn’t black and white. Life is grey.” (source)

A man may look at these people in Africa and ask how a man could do such a horrible thing as feed a child to an animal who is disabled. However, the Western world does this all the time. The African people who feed their disabled children to wild animals are doing it after birth, while the Europeans are doing it before birth.

The difference between the Western world and Africa is veritably the difference between Ham and his brother Japheth, two of the sons of Noah. Ham’s dysfunction is open, apparent, and obvious for the entire world to see, such as when Nimrod, the grandson of Ham, went out and rebelled against God by ordering the construction of the tower of Babel. Japheth is just as dysfunctional as Ham is, but Japheth’s difference is that he hides his dysfunction better so to impart the appearance of civility when in reality the same evils fester in the rancid thoughts of sin that he entertains. If Ham built the tower of Babel, then it was Japheth who was there alongside him, helping with the construction along with his other brother Shem.

It is easy to criticize Africa for violence. The violence is obvious. But one must not also forget that Europe has the same tendencies, just fulfilled in a different way. Grace, not race, is what makes a man great.

Sin does not discriminate by race. She is an equal opportunity abuser who tailors her vile product to every people and group in the world based on their culture and temperament.

One must call out the evil that one sees. However, one must also be aware that the same potential for evil and to the same depths exists in all people. Ham, Shem, and Japheth are sons of Noah, and while each son may have different responsibilities, different temperaments, and different appearances, they are all equal in their dignity in the eyes of God and must help each other as the brothers they are.