Migrant Goes On Drunken Rampage In Italy Smashing Car Windows After Streetfight With Another Migrant, Italians Form A Mob And Beat The Migrant To A Pulp And Leave Him In A Pool Of His Own Blood

An African migrant who had gone on a drunken rampage smashing car windows after getting into a streetfight with another migrant was left badly wounded and lying in a pool of his own blood after a mob of Italians confronted him and beat him for his action. Videos of the incident first appeared on Facebook and 4Chan, and have since been confirmed by Italian media and have gone viral throughout the country:

A drunk smashes the windshields of some parked cars and even others in transit. It happened last night in Acerra in the central Via Soriano, a few steps from the cathedral. It started with a young Nigerian who would later be beaten even by more people who came away from a small mob of angry inhabitants of the area. The man was rescued by policemen and transported to the local clinic with bruises and contusions all over his body.

It seems that the young man’s anger was unleashed from a previous fight with a fellow countryman who was not far away. The two have given a legitimate reason. Then one of the two contenders went away and along the road he vents his anger by crushing the windshield of about 7 cars. Agents from the local police station are on the scene investigating, directed by the assistant chief Antonio Galante.

The evening of madness and fear ended almost immediately on Facebook where they published movies and photos of the immigrant shocked on the ground in a pool of blood. In a few hours, videos and images went viral, but the web has been divided between racist comments, those who boast of having beaten him and those who wanted to burn him alive and the few posts that invite to tolerance. (source)

Here is a video from Facebook of the aftermath of the attack:

4Chan put up a thread on this in which many Europeans commented on the attack. You can see the entire archive here, but there are many points in it which stand out in addition to this story.

The violence of the migrants throughout Europe is obvious, blatant, and unmistakable, and must be addressed because it is the most visible manifestation of the disorder throughout much of Western Europe. While it is true that not all migrants are involved in violent or disturbing crimes, it is a statistical fact visible to even the simplest minded person that a great amount of the violent crimes are committed by “non-native” peoples in Europe. Only a fool or liar would say that it is not true because it is denying the obvious.

A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott made in 1984, and possibly the best rendition of Charles Dickens’ story. From 4:15 to 5:07, Scrooge denies Marley’s existence when he appears to him, at which point Marley screams with rage, asking why Scrooge persists in denying his senses to the obvious reality of his existence.

The rage which Marley has is similar to how many people of good will have about the “refugee crisis” in that they are told either not to question crime the “migrants” commit or that they are just “racists.” While racism is real, the fact is that either a person committed or did not commit a crime, and denying a plain reality does nothing but fuel anger of those who see reality for itself.

The growing anger of many European people against the migrants is also understandable. Nobody likes crime, and the criminal actions of many migrants have convinced many people to associate them with criminal behavior, which is reinforced by more criminal behavior from said migrants.

In USA, people speak of “white flight”, or the migration of Euro-American people to suburban “bedroom communities” or smaller cities away from larger cities as a form of “racism”, when the truth is one of economics and public safety. Living in a city is usually more expensive than in a smaller or less urbanized area, and while it can be beneficial, nobody wants to live in an area where their safety is potentially in jeopardy. Those who have money, who are often times the Euro-American people, sell their homes and move not out of racism, but because they can pay less money for most or all of the same amenities which they currently possess and not have to worry about being robbed or assaulted in public or in their own homes. Likewise, the largest groups in the USA after Euro-Americans, Hispanics and Afro-Americans, if they are also in a financially stable position, follow migrations of “white flight” to the suburban areas because they have the same concerns over money and safety.

The situation in Europe is more serious than in America because of history. In Europe, there are people whose families have lived in the same cities and same neighborhoods, and even same buildings for hundreds of years and can trace their ancestors. Their ties to their homes and communities cannot be crassly effaced by a few decades of globalism or even centuries of international expansion. It is deeper than economics, and tied to a sense of personal identity interwoven through history and culture.

While Europe has always had its share of migrations to it from all over the world, the current population transfer from Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia in unprecedented in history and is threatening to permanently alter the face of Europe. One does not get rid of millions of people with ease, and the governments of Europe, as they continually bring such people into the continent and are exacting higher taxes on the already overtaxed citizenry to pay for the welfare of the “migrants,” are also feeding crime by giving such welfare and inviting anybody from anywhere in the third world without a screening mechanism. The result is that the European peoples who are tied to their communities are being pushed for economic and public safety reasons to consider leaving their communities, but they know that in doing so they are literally giving up a part of their ancestral connections in their minds.

As they see themselves being forced to consider how to reorient their lives, they then see the “migrants” and the criminality that comes from them and how their governments are giving the “migrants” unlimited welfare and social benefits.

How do you think the average man is going to respond?

He is going to be very sad, and then he is going to get angry, and barring a strong moral barrier that he believes in and desires to follow, he is going to begin to hate. His hatred will be directed at the government, but more so at the “migrants” because to him, they are the face and physical presence of what is destroying his life and sense of place in his own community. He might not be able to attack “the government”, “the EU,” or “those politicians,” but he surely can see some guy who is a migrant walking down the street next to him, and he can take out his anger on that man.

It is also critical to remember that the “refugee crisis” is NOT a crisis, but a manufactured population transfer. As it has been exposed twice (in 2016 and 2018), the European Union, and specifically Germany working with the USA, is directly responsible for trafficking these people into Europe using a network of NGOs, charities, and businesses funded by tax dollars. Former Libyan President Muammar Gaddhafi warned about this in 2011. In his words, “if I go down, Europe goes black”:

The governments knew that giving welfare would breed violence.

They knew that such a mass migration could not be accomplished naturally.

They knew that it would threaten the lives, livelihoods, and sense of identity of their own people.

They knew that it would breed hatred, anger, bankrupt their continent and prepare the way for a revolution.

They knew all of these things, and yet the did them anyways because this is what they wanted to happen because as Bernard Connolly warned, they wanted a return of nationalism that could be translated into militarism in order to make Europe “relevant” in world politics again:

From the presentation by Bernard Connelly

It was clearly not good what the migrant did. The response of the crowd was not good either.

However, the danger is more with the response of the crowd than with the man because while the man’s outburst represents his reaction in the moment, the response of the crowd represents a collective insight into what the people in Europe are thinking about doing to the migrants.

The Europeans are talking openly on social media about lynching and murdering these people. They are the majority voice, and the minority is saying “don’t do this.”

This is what we have been warning about, that the population transfer will be used to facilitate a return of Europe to a state of war, for which the blame will be laid at the feet of the migrants using the deviant behavior so obvious and copiously documented as the reason, which will then be used to justify the mass rounding up and execution of migrants as part of a revival of eugenics just as what happened in the 20th century. 

Nobody is saying here that the migrants have a “right” to do violence, or to receive copious amounts of welfare, or that the violence doesn’t exist, or that the European peoples cannot defend themselves, or that anybody who criticizes the migrants are just “racists.”

What is being said is that two wrongs do not make a right. The willful murder of the innocent is a sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance, and the wholesale murder of any people is not a solution to a country’s national difficulties. Europe’s problems are to a large degree self-inflicted owing to her apostasy from the Faith and return to paganism through “blood and soil” nationalism, effectively making herself her own idol.

What happened in Italy was more than a group of people stopping a man on a drunken and immoral rampage. It was a manifestation of a desire for death camps, eugenicist experiments, and justifying all of the atrocities of the Second World War.

The comments on 4Chan speak for themselves:

There are more comments like this, but the theme is consistent.

In the most “generous” of the comments, there is an utter lack of care at all for anything that happens to a “migrant,” assuming he “deserves” whatever happens.

Others are calling for an outright return of National Socialism and genocide.

Remember these posts. These are the equivalent of the book club discussions and public arguments that happened in the years leading up to the Second World War. It is a different context, but the same end.

It has been said many times but must be said again, the migrant situation is just the part meant for the public to see, because it is the advertising being used to sell another product that, most likely, future generations will regret was ever purchased.