Report: Trump Praised Erdogan And Told Him That He “Does Things The Right Way.”

By Theodore Shoebat

A recent report states that Trump, in his meeting in Helsinki, told Erdogan that he “does things the right way.” As we read in one article from CBS News:

On “CBS This Morning” Monday, Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group and a CBS News senior global affairs contributor, said that backstage at the NATO meeting there were elements that were even more eyebrow-raising than reports have suggested.

“One is that emergency session where they asked the Georgian and Ukrainian presidents to leave in the middle of their presentation. Apparently Trump said, ‘OK, we’re done with you now,'” Bremmer said.

“Trump was very frustrated; he wasn’t getting commitments from other leaders to spend more. Many of them said, ‘Well, we have to ask our parliaments. We have a process; we can’t just tell you we’re going to spend more, we have a legal process.’ Trump turns around to the Turkish president, Recep Erdogan, and says, ‘Except for Erdogan over here. He does things the right way,’ and then actually fist-bumps the Turkish president.”

It was a startling gesture of support for the increasingly authoritarian Turkish leader, who recently won another term and is widely expected to continue consolidating his power.

People will read this article and scream “fake news!” but truly, this article is not that difficult to believe. For years we have been talking about how Trump was going to facilitate militarism. For one, back in 2016 when Trump said, “Would I rather have North Korea have [nuclear weapons] with Japan sitting there having them also? You may very well be better off if that’s the case”, I warned: “If Trump wins (and it looks like that he will), and his plan for Asia is put forth, it will reset Asia to an environment very much paralleled to how it was before erupting into the Second World War. Trump’s plan of having Japan no longer dependent on the US for military support, will give Japan the excuse it needs to rearm and to restrengthen its former martial strength, and to further revive the imperial religion that it once maintained and that enflamed its aggressions towards the rest of East Asia.”

All of this talk about ‘Trump getting tough with Turkey’ is a show, so that Americans will think that their president is ‘tough.’ Its a bait-and-switch type of thing: back Turkey’s expansion into Syria, and then condemn Turkey for some reason so as to appear moral. Its a controlled burning: support Turkey as it invades Syria and Iraq, and condemn Turkey. Its a controlled fire in the sense that while the US ‘burns’ Turkey before the press, it will give the green light to its own military aspirations. While the Trump administration is getting supposedly ‘tough,’ it is confirmed by the White House that Trump backed Turkey’s presence in Syria. In one White House statement it says:

“President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France.Both leaders expressed support for the West’s strong response to Russia’s chemical weapons attack in Salisbury, United Kingdom, including the expulsion of numerous Russian intelligence officers on both sides of the Atlantic. President Trump stressed the need to intensify cooperation with Turkey with respect to shared strategic challenges in Syria.

In January of 2018, Trump spoke with Erdogan in a phone conversation, in which, according to a Whitehouse document:

“President Trump invited closer bilateral cooperation to address Turkey’s legitimate security concerns.The leaders discussed the need to stabilize a unified Syria that poses no threats to its neighbors, including Turkey.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on June 27, 2018, before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing that: “They [Turkey] will ultimately be part of political resolution there [Manbij, Syria] and an important part. And we need to recognize that and do our best of work alongside them”.

There is your Trump and your Pompeo. Puppet for the military industrial complex.

Its the same thing with Germany and Netherlands. Both of these countries supposedly had ‘tensions’ with Turkey, only to set them aside. This what has happened recently. For example, Germany just dropped its sanctions on Turkey. As one report from Al Jazeera states:

Germany has lifted economic sanctions on Turkey and relaxed its travel advice to the country, German officials said, after Ankara ended its two-year state of emergency.

A 1.5 billion-euro ($1.7bn) limit on export guarantees to Turkey would not be renewed this year, Germany’s economy ministry told the AFP news agency, confirming an earlier report by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The measure was imposed in July 2017 as a way to pressure Ankara after the detention of a German human rights campaigner and five other activists, including the head of Amnesty International in Turkey.

Opposition parties in Germany have accused the 1.5 billion-euro limit of being too timid, given that the value of export guarantees increased from 1.1bn euros in 2016 to 1.46bn euros the following year.

The same report goes on to say that “On Friday, Turkey and the Netherlands agreed to restore relations strained after a diplomatic row last year.” Really? I thought the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, was against Turkey. Its all a big show to make the masses think that they have a ‘real leader’ (an obnoxious term that a lot of sycophants like to use), while they do not understand that there is a whole agenda to make money, an agenda that will lead humanity to another world war.

Lets not forget, Germany has been an ally of Turkey since it became a unified country in 1871, and during WW1 the United States never declared war on the Ottoman Empire. Plus, during Operation Gladio, the United States armed Turkey to the point that it is the second most armed country in NATO, because the militarist in the US government saw Turkey as the greatest threat to any Russian influence in the Middle East. So the actions of backing Turkey by the US and Germany is not a shock at all.