Archive | August 12, 2018

Priest And School Teacher Tied Up And Stabbed To Death

A Jesuit priest was found dead after being tied and stabbed multiple times. Police are investigating a former student who was expelled for behavior and had made threats according to a report: A Spanish Jesuit priest was stabbed to death at a school he ran in an Amazon village in Peru, his religious order and […]

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Man Invites Another Man To His House, Drugs His Drink And Sodomizes Him When He Falls Asleep

A man was arrested for raping another man after drugging his drink. Teshawn Mills invited the man over, and then put drugs into his drink, after which the man fell asleep and Mills proceeded to sodomize him: The man who was raped by another man while he was asleep, told police that he was drugged […]

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New Evidence Suggests Coptic Bishop Was Murdered Not By A Muslim, But By A SODOMITE And The Coptic Church Is Trying To Cover Up The Homosexual Activity

In July 2018, reported on the story of a Coptic bishop that was beaten to death in Egypt. While many times there is persecution of Christians by Muslims, evidence suggests not that the persecutor was a Muslim, but was a homosexual attempting to cover up for his and other persons’ homosexual activity at the […]

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