Archive | August 5, 2018

Turkey And The United States Are Using Pastor Brunson To Make The Trump Administration Look Good While It Backs Turkey’s Military Expansion Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat It is my observation that Turkey and the United States are playing a game, with America using pastor Andrew Brunson (who is reportedly under house arrest in Turkey) as a way to act tough with Turkey so as to make the Trump Administration look good as it backs Turkey’s military expansionism into […]

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Northern California Becomes A Raging Inferno As Wildfires Consume The State

America’s most populous, trend-setting, tech-savvy, and cross-section representation of the good, bad, and ugly of American society state of California is being burned to ashes right now as major wildfires are consuming the state with no foreseeable end in the near future: A couple of fast-growing wildfires in northern California expanded by more than 25 […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack And Destroy Village, Burn Two Elderly Men And Three Children Alive

Islamic terrorists in Nigeria attacked and destroyed a village, burning two elderly men and three children alive during the course of the raid: At least five people were killed and a village razed in an attack by Boko Haram jihadists in the northern Nigerian Borno state, militia fighting the Islamists told AFP Saturday. Arriving in […]

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