Archive | August 17, 2018

Black Woman Running Against Chinese Woman For Democrat Party Nomination Tells Her “I Want You Out Of My Country” And Her Voters “Don’t Vote For The Ching Chong”

Representative Bettie Scott of Detroit has since apologized for remarks she made in the Democrat primary elections against her opponent, Representative Stephanie Chang. Among the comments made were “You don’t belong here,” “I want you out of my country,” and to her voters, “Don’t vote for the ching chong”: More than a dozen community groups […]

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Pot Calling The Kettle Black- Almost Half Of Republicans Want Restrictions On The Media Just Like The “Left”

In a recent poll conducted by Ipsos, it was found that almost half of Americans who identify with Republican politics believe that the news media “the enemy,” and 43% of people support restrictions on the media: Even if they are not “fake news” or “the enemy of the people”, it is clear that the reputation […]

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