Archive | August 19, 2018

The Sexual Abuse Scandal Is Just One Link In A Massive Chain Of Deceit And Debauchery That Goes Far Beyond The Church

It is very important that more revelations and investigations into the sexual abuse in the Church come out and for reasons completely unrelated to the fundamentals of mercy, justice, truth, and cleaning out what are known problems particularly involving the LGBT. For the crimes in the Church, of which there is no doubt they lead […]

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Jewish Woman Brags About Making A Homosexual Cartoon For Children To Bring Them To Homosexual “Love”

By Theodore Shoebat There is a show on Cartoon Network called “Steven Universe” that is pushing homosexuality, and its for children to watch. The creator of the show is a Jewish leftist by the name of Rebecca Sugar. The creator is full of all of the sophistical arguments that are made by the Republic of Sodom. One […]

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