Northern California Becomes A Raging Inferno As Wildfires Consume The State

America’s most populous, trend-setting, tech-savvy, and cross-section representation of the good, bad, and ugly of American society state of California is being burned to ashes right now as major wildfires are consuming the state with no foreseeable end in the near future:

A couple of fast-growing wildfires in northern California expanded by more than 25 percent overnight and continued to spread on Saturday afternoon as more residents were ordered to evacuate their homes and weary firefighters endured high temperatures and gusting winds.

Both areas remained under a “red flag warning” issued by the National Weather Service for strong winds, low relative humidity and temperatures topping 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius), all conditions that can drive the growth of wildfires.

So far this year, U.S. fires have burned 5 million acres (2 million hectares), much more than the 10-year average, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Three men were given citations on Saturday for refusing to leave an area where firefighters wanted a tanker plane to make an air drop, causing the plane to be diverted, according to a post on the Lake County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page. The men when contacted by deputies were watering their marijuana plants, the posting said. (source)

Wildfires and California are not something unique. They are a consistent problem that continually pose a threat to the existence of California itself, and were it not for the work of the Department of the Interior and the Forest Service, California and many of her major cities would be heaps of ash and rubble. Such a fate came dangerously close to be realized last year for the city of Los Angeles, when fires threatened to engulf the city:

The situation in California right now and throughout other parts of the USA, as there are fires also taking place in Arizona and Colorado, is a reminder that while the USA is very strong and can stop or mitigate many challenges, there are some that she would and does have a hard time controlling. One of these are the forces of nature, and given the heavy population of the USA, her resource consumption, the dependency of the people, and the attitudes of the people, one of the greatest threats to the US is not from without, but from internal destruction within, likely stemming from natural disasters gone out of control.

As we warned in July 2018, if America was to become involved in any major world conflict, then her natural weaknesses would be a natural target. For while America is the strongest country on Earth as far as her military, logistics, and economic power are concerned, the most effective way that any enemy with any serious, organized intentions of hurting her would be to find ways to “naturally” interrupt her supply lines and internal organization in addition to any military actions that they might take. This serves to both distract as well as to demoralize the nation. It was a tactic applied by the Viet Cong effectively against the US in Vietnam through the use of booby traps, tunnels, and deception that while the USA was stronger and more advanced, she was unable to stop the simple demoralization and disorganization tactics used against her by the Vietnamese and eventually succumbed to them by her withdrawal from the nation.

I emphasize that I do not say this because I want to see bad things happen to America. I do not want bad things to happen to anybody, and it is important to seek the objective good will of all for the sake of morality. That said, the saying goes that “all is fair in love in war,” and one must expect that in a conflict both the USA and her enemy- whoever that will be -both sides will do whatever they believe they must do to win regardless of the moral consequences.

The USA invaded Iraq based on false claims of Saddam Hussein buying “yellowcake uranium” from Nigeria for nuclear weapons.

During the Balkan conflict in Serbia, the USA used depleted uranium weapons, which has caused an outbreak of cancer and death.

During the Second World War, the USA knew fully about the experiments of Germany and Japan in their respective programs with Aktion T4 And Unit 731, and not only refused to stop them, but when the war was over saw that the scientists who administered these programs were brought to the USA and given jobs with the government and were paid h+igh salaries to pass their knowledge to the USA.

These are all examples of objective war crimes because of the deception in their implementation and the following death they caused to many people, and if the actions and weapons used were not “illegal,” many were immoral or ethically questionable.

It is unlikely that such weapons would be able to be used against the USA because of logistical reasons. It would be about as difficult to administer as it would be for North Korea to shoot a missile to reach the California coast, let alone it anything of value.

However, lots of things can cause a massive wildfire that would be hard to trace.

Weather interference using a HAARP-type protocol- which the USA already uses actively for her own people -could cause weather problems in the USA of massive proportions.

A small to medium-sized bomb dropped into or near one of the many fault lines or volcanic “hot” spots in the USA- such as California, Montana, or Missouri -could trigger a volcano or earthquake that would significantly disrupt the US on a domestic level to obstruct and potentially cripple foreign military excursions.

One cannot expect the government to help. One must get ready on his own and as much as one is able to, his neighbors, beginning with the soul and continuing from said point.

I cannot emphasize it enough, that whether a conflict begins in ten hours or in ten years, the time to start paying down debts, storing up supplies, learning skills, reducing expendatures and making more with less is now.

Because a conflict is coming. And in any kind of global war, which is what this is appearing to be shaping into, Americans are more dependent and less able than their ancestors of the recent past century to meet their daily needs, meaning there is a much higher potential for death and destruction on a domestic level than possibly there ever has been before.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.