Drug Terrorists Hack Man’s Arms And Legs Off And Mock Him As He Is Dying, Make Threats To The Public And Say “I’m Going To Tear Your Limbs Off”

Life for many people in Mexico and parts of Central America is a horror story, except that it is real. Drug terrorist gangs fight with each other and against the government with the people stuck in the middle, subject to their violent and tyrannical rule.

In a recent video released by drug terrorists, they hacked the arms and legs off of a man and as he was dying mocked him and made threats against other members of the public that they will be next:

A man was brutally tortured in Mexico. The scenes that today circulate in social networks show the victim agonizing in front of a subject that tries to interrogate him.

“Who killed Juanito Castellanos?” Questioned the subject who recorded. The person, whose limbs have been torn off, can not answer and falls to the ground, “Look, Geovanni, this is what is going to happen to you, son of your fucking mother. One by one I’m going to tear them apart, “said the criminal. The blood of the victim can be seen scattered in the area.

According to the narration, the events occurred in the town of Chahuites, located on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and in the extreme southeast of the state of Oaxaca.

In April, this newspaper reported a similar case. Subjects riddled police in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, and then displayed the scenes on social networks.

In fact, six state soldiers died when they were ambushed by 15 other armed civilians in the mountain community of Las Mesillas, three hours from Zihuatanejo.

Guerrero authorities received the report about the attack on the patrol in which the uniformed were traveling, who were going down from the El Camalote community, and when passing through Las Mesillas they were ambushed.

The uniformed ones offered precautionary measures to a group of people from the El Camalote community, and at the change of shift they returned to Zihuatanejo when they were attacked.

After the massive dissemination of the video, the Government of Guerrero [led by PRI Hector Astudillo Flores] threatened media from all over the country. (source)

These videos are highly graphic and disturbing. They are not shown for entertainment, but for education about the reality of what many people in Central America face and within that context, why so many people risk their lives to cross sometimes what are multiple international borders in order to get to the USA.

It is unthinkable for most Americans to witness or have neighbors who are regularly in danger of death and graphic violence, let alone witness or be directly affected by it. The public would rightly so not tolerate it and demand an answer, and in the interest of public safety and order such occurrences would be stopped. This is the proper action, and Americans can consider themselves fortunate for this. However, due to many and varying reasons, this is not the situation in many nations, where if the governments actually do care at all about their people, they may not have the ability or resources to effectively deal with such problems.

America is a great nation and has much to offer its citizens, and there is much that Americans have to be thankful for and do take for granted on account of the fact that what is a luxury for many is an accepted way of life in the USA. For people from Central America, many who live on wages equal to those of people in sub-Saharan Africa, comparing their home nations to the USA is like comparing a mud pit with the proverbial “land of milk and honey” from the Bible.

Since it is a known fact that the USA allows illegal immigration for economic and political reasons, and these people know this, the fact that their nations are proportionately close to the USA and within walking or driving distance is a motivation for them to risk all they have to try to get to the USA.

Something that one notices when working with many different groups of immigrants in recent times that come to the USA is that the Hispanic bloc is, generally speaking when compared with other groups who have in recent times and are coming, among the most grateful of the groups because of what they came from. It is why so many will take low wage jobs, because even if such people do return to their native lands, what little money they will earn in the USA is often times easier and safer than what would be in their own lands and without question pays far more than even a job of a modest salary in their home nations. They can also go to work and know that most likely, they will come home in one piece at the end of the day, which is something that cannot be said about their native lands.

It is true that nations have laws, and laws should be obeyed and respected, and that breaking laws must not be encouraged. At the same time, the immigration situation with the US-Mexican crossing is more than just a simple matter of “borders vs. no borders.” It is a useful “lever” for US economic policy, American politicians and Mexican politicians. It is the “final hurdle” for people fleeing from the drug wars, and it is a rallying point for American nationalist sentiments. All of these and more are the reason that the border issue will not be fixed, because the current chaotic state of border “politics” and policy is an opportunity for those with opportunistic minds to earn money for themselves at the expense of both the US and Mexico.

But to the average Central American man, he does not care. All he knows is that “those cartels,” who has has seen in his town, make him feel uneasy, and he has seen what they do, and he wants to do anything to get out of there as fast as he can because he doesn’t want to be their next victim.