The Government Of Spain Agrees To Remove The Remains Of Francisco Franco From His Tomb

By Theodore Shoebat

The government of Spain has agreed to remove the remains of Francisco Franco from his tomb. As we read in one report from El Pais:

Forty-three years after the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, the Socialist Party (PSOE) government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has begun the complex process of exhuming his remains from the Valley of the Fallen memorial site.

Today, the Cabinet approved a legislative decree that will add a pair of articles to the Historical Memory Law to legally safeguard the exhumation. Once approved, the decree will be put to a historic vote in Congress.

The conservative Popular Party (PP) and the center-right party Ciudadanos have already announced they will not support the decree. But the Spanish government is confident the measure will pass, given that it only needs a simple majority (more votes in favor than against) in Congress, and, in principal, has the backing of anti-austerity party Podemos, the Catalan Republican Left (ERC), the Democratic Party of Catalonia (PDeCAT) and the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV). Together, this gives the government 177 votes in favor – one more than an absolute majority.

What is this about? Look at the names of the parties that back the exhuming of Franco’s remains: They are all nationalists. These are people who put their race above the rest of humanity, and who would put themselves above God if they could, just as the builders of Babel had attempted. Catalonian separatists are backing the exhuming of Franco’s remains, not because they are some defenders of liberty and justice — as they claim — but because they truly hate the Catholic Faith, since it was the Catholic Church that supported Franco when he was fighting against the viciously anti-Christian forces of the Republicans and anarchists.

I do not find it coincidental that the very parties that want to fragment Spain (Catalonian separatists) are also those who want to exhume Franco’s remains. This goes beyond the remains of the body of the former leader of Spain: this is about an ideology, about supporting the anti-Christian side of the Spanish Civil War. These Catalan nationalists want to fragment Spain, and when you fragment a country you bring about conflict. These Catalan nationalists desire to bring the country to civil war again.

The animosity and drive for separatism is heavily intense in the air of the land of Spain. This is reflected in the sentiments of Quim Torra, a major Catalan nationalist who is currently the president of Catalonia, who said recently that today “is a day of defeat for the Spanish State” and he also compared the present-day Spanish government with the past Franco regime. He also said: “How many more judicial and political defeats will the State need to realize that this cause is a false cause?” The hatred for Spain is excessive, imbalanced and dangerous. This is the same Quim Torra who described those who objected to expressions of Catalan culture and traditions as “carrion-feeders,vipers and hyenas” and “beasts in human form”. “It is a sick phobia,” he wrote. “There is something Freudian in these beasts, a rough patch in their DNA.”

What you have are eugenist nationalists working with vicious effort to break the country up, an action that will only bring about destabilization in Europe. What is interesting is how the Germans are protecting the main face of Catalonian separatism. As we wrote last year, Carles Puigdemont’s separatist movement is being backed by the Flemish nationalist party, the New Flemish Alliance, who are one of the most powerful parties in Brussels, the center of the EU which is headed by Germany. Carles Puigdemont, not too long after declaring Catalan independence from Spain, fled to Brussels where he was protected by the Flemish nationalists. He then travelled to Finland. A day after his arrival in Finland, Spain issued an arrest warrant for him on the charges of rebellion and the abuse of government funds. But Puigdemont somehow managed not to get arrested in Finland, with the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation saying the authorities were unaware of Mr Puigdemont’s whereabouts. During his journey back to Spain, Puigdemont was arrested in Germany. The Germans then nullified Spain’s arrest warrant when the German court declared that he could not be tried for rebellion. One report from El Pais states:

In a preliminary decision, a court in the northern German state of Schleswig Holstein has once again rejected the charge of rebellion brought by the Spanish judiciary against ousted Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont.

The court on Tuesday upheld its original view that extraditing Puigdemont to Spain to face rebellion charges is, “in principle, inadmissible.”

So the Germans are protecting Catalonian nationalist separatist movement. This is the same country of Germany that collaborated with Turkey to facilitate the refugee crises of 2015 which has accelerated nationalism in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, Sweden and others. It was the refugee crises that really impelled Brexit, which is exactly what the Germans wanted because now with Britain leaving the EU the Germans have intensified their talks of militarism with their efforts to form a pan-European military force led by Germany, a plan that the British were the biggest obstacles against. The Germans desire to see Europe partially fragment because they know that it would lead to conflict which would then give them the pretext for military expansion, just like they used the Austrian-Serbian conflict in 1914 as a catalyst for military expansion into Belgium and France.

Lets not forget that World War Two began with the German involvement in the Spanish Civil War, with the Germans sending in powerful air and armored units to assist General Francisco Franco and his Nationalist forces. This was not done because Germany really liked Franco (Franco had enmity for Hitler), but because it was the right opportunity and the occasion to commence German expansionism. According to the Jewish historian, Lawrence H. Feldman, in 1940 Franco showed his brother-in-law, Ramon Serrano Suñer, “German documents from 1938 that showed Hitler attempting to prolong the Civil War”, evincing that Germany did not care about destroying the anti-Christian forces in Spain but rather wanted the fighting to continue since it was to his advantage (See Feldman, Franco’s Refugees, p. 11).

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