Major Nazi Paramilitary Organization Orders Its Members To Each Murder Fifty Russian Police Officers

By Theodore Shoebat

A major Ukrainian nazi paramilitary organization, Right Sector, has told all of its followers to murder fifty Russian police officers. As we read in one report from RT:

A criminal case against members of the Ukrainian extremist group, who called on supporters to kill 50 Russian law enforcement officers, has been launched by the Russian agency for the investigation of especially serious crimes.

In a message published on the Investigative Committee’s website, chief spokesperson Svetlana Petrenko wrote that a criminal case has started after a group of Right Sector members, who call themselves “Right Sector’s Central National Court,” wrote and published a document which they presented as a “court sentence” on the internet.

This text read that all members of the extremist group must “at convenient time and through means they find reasonable” kill 50 people from Russian law enforcement agencies, courts and other state bodies in revenge for the prison sentence handed to Right Sector member Aleksandr Kostenko by a district court in Simferopol, Crimea.

When these people [the self-appointed members of Right Sector’s ‘court’] announced that they had passed the death sentence, in reality they passed instructions to all Right Sector members to commit murders of Russian state, court and law enforcement officials who participated in the investigation of Kostenko’s case and in his trial. The Investigative Committee qualifies such actions as conspiracy to commit murder of state officials and officers of law enforcement agencies and also as organization of and participation in an extremist group,” Petrenko wrote in her message.

She also promised that in the nearest future all people involved in the so-called “Right Sector’s Central National Court” would be officially charged and put on the international wanted list.

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