It Was True: Egyptian Christian Monk Arrested Over Murdering Bishop Amid Accusations Of Homosexual Behavior

In July 2018, reported on a case of a Christian bishop in Egypt who was murdered. Many suspected it was Muslims, but our research into the story and confirmed by further reports suggested that it was another monk who did the murder as part of a homosexual sex ring that was operating out of the monastery. You can read our story about it here.

According to Deutsche Welle, a Coptic monk has been stripped of his monastic faculties and is being held by police in connection with the murder according to a report:

An Egyptian Coptic monk has been detained on suspicion of killing a bishop at a desert monastery, his lawyer said Saturday.

Public prosecutors will hold the man for four days pending investigations into the death of Bishop Epiphanius, 68, whose demise rocked the Middle East’s biggest Christian minority. His lawyer said he expects the detention to be extended by 15 days.

Epiphanius’ body was found with head injuries in late July lying in a corridor of the monastery, according to the church.

After his death the church imposed restrictions on the monks, including disabling all of their social media accounts, according to state media.

The detained monk, identified by his monastic name of Isaiah, was defrocked a week after the incident for “strictly monastic reasons.”

In the spotlight

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the world’s oldest Christian communities. As the birthplace of Christian monasticism, Egypt’s deserts are home to some of the world’s oldest monasteries, which have drawn monks for centuries to lead solitary ascetic lives.

The incident has thrust the church’s monks into the spotlight after years of relative isolation during the monumental political changes that have shaped Egypt.

Christians in Egypt make up an estimated 10 percent of its roughly 96 million population. In recent years the church has been the victim of various attacks, largely from Islamist groups but also from more mainstream fronts. (source)

“Strictly monastic reasons”

This is not what the world needs to hear at this time. In light of the massive revelations of homosexual abuse in the Catholic Church, something which is not uncommon to other Christian denominations, and the active evidence that suggests a homosexual connection to this murder, it is necessary that the full truth be revealed as to what exactly happened. This is also the reason why revealing what likely happened is feared by some, because it would expose what the evidence already suggests, which is the existence of a homosexual cabal similar to that which the Catholic Church is dealing with now.

Am I saying that homosexuality is the exact or only reason? No. What I am saying is that there are real indications that homosexuality was involved, but regardless of the reason, for the purpose of public disclosure and honesty and given the public nature of the crime it is in the best interest of all that the full truth be revealed.

Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. There may be painful times ahead, but in order for an injury as serious as that which the LGBT has done to the Church to be healed, what has happened needs to be exposed, dealt with in an appropriate way, and then put away and left alone. The past cannot be changed, but one’s actions today can be so to benefit tomorrow.

Just as the New Testament says, with Our Lord speaking, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”