Michigan Serial Killer Is Going Around And Murdering Pedophiles

Pedophilia is evil. Serial murder is evil. But in an interesting twist in Michigan, the two have become interlinked with a case of what police are calling a serial killer murdering pedophiles:

Law enforcement officials in Michigan’s Macomb County have held a press conference to announce they believe a vigilante targeting pedophiles is on the loose, with reports that three local offenders have been found dead over the past week.

Authorities are appealing for any information regarding the murders, which have claimed the lives of three men on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry for crimes involving offences against children.

“We urge whoever is committing these murders to stop immediately and turn themselves in,” said one officer. “While we understand the community’s attitude to pedophiles, there is no way in a civilised society that we can accept this sort of vigilantism.”

The first victim, a 52-year old man charged with sex offences against children as young as 5, was found dead earlier this week outside a local fast food outlet in Warren. The murder was initially considered drug related, until a second pedophile was also found dead in similar circumstances later in the week.

The latest murder in Mt Clemens, which has prompted authorities to raise concerns of a serial killer operating, was discovered last night at the victim’s property. Concerned neighbors called 911 and officers found a grim sight inside the residence.

“Similar to the wounds inflicted on the other two victims, this most recent murder involved significant mutilation. The victim’s genitals had been removed and were placed into a blender,” said one investigator. The most recent victim was also listed on the sex offender registry for crimes against children. (source)

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