Archive | October 23, 2018

Devil-Worshipers And Baby Murderers Come Together To “Bless” Center For Murdering Children

Abortion supporters will join with devil worshipers to “bless” a center for baby murdering in November according to a report: On the evening of November 9, 2018, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is planning a “blessing” of the Planned Parenthood abortion center located in Columbus, OH. This appears to be a response to the closing ceremony of […]

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This “Migrant Caravan” Heading To The USA Is The American Version Of The “Refugee Crisis” In Europe

The situation at the US border with the recent “migrant caravan” continues to worsen, with Trump now saying he will send the army to stop it: In an interview aboard Air Force One on Monday, President Trump made clear there was no limit to the number of troops he’s willing to send to the border to […]

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Massacre In Nigeria, 55 Dead After Clashes Between Christians And Muslims Slaughter Each Other With Guns And Machetes

Fifty-five people are dead in Nigeria after Christians and Muslims clashed in a marketplace according to a report: At least 55 people were killed last week in Nigeria following a market fight between Christians and Muslims that escalated into a larger battle involving guns and machetes and the burning of houses. Nigerian authorities issued a […]

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