Archive | October 7, 2018

Kurdish And Assyrian Nationalists Shut Down Christian Schools Because They Refuse To Teach Nationalism To Their Students

By Theodore Shoebat Kurdish authorities have closed down Christian Assyrian schools in areas under their control. The Kurds are carving out their own territory out of Syria and taking power in these areas away from the Assad regime. Part of the Kurdish power grab is to implement a policy that promotes and instills Kurdish nationalism. […]

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Pedophile And His Underage Lover Murder A Man With An Axe, Cooks His Body And Feasts On The Remains With His Underage Lover, When Discovered He Tells Police ‘There Was Nothing Else To Eat’

A Russian pedophile and his 12-year-old lover were arrested after they murdered a man and dismembered his body for food. They fried his heart and ate it, and his dismembered head was found in the oven according to a report: A MAN has been detained accused of axing a 21-year-old to death before cooking and […]

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The Netherlands And Turkey Declare That They Are Now Friends. We Were Right: There Was No Conflict Between Turkey And The Dutch. It Was All A Big Distraction Covering Up The Reality That The Dutch Have Been Helping Turkey In Its Conquest Of Syria

By Theodore Shoebat The Netherlands and Turkey have recently announced that their past ‘spat’ is a thing of the past and now they are ready to be friends again. This we were saying all along that the perceived conflict between the Turks and the Dutch was a big show and distraction. As we read in […]

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