Archive | October 6, 2018

The Kavanaugh Situation Was One Big Show To Help The Republican Party And The Democrat Party Market Themselves And Use The American People As An Audience For Their Show. It Also Made Christine Blasey Ford Into A Celebrity And Her Lawyer Got His Money

By Theodore Shoebat The Kavanugh situation, from my own observation, was a big show to create marketing for the Republican and Democrat parties. It also made made Christine Blasey Ford into a celebrity, and her lawyer got his shekels. Everyone’s a winner. This is the subject of my video: Click Here To Donate To Keep […]

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American Teenagers Make Video Of Themselves Torturing Animals For Fun

Police are searching for a group of teenagers who made a video of themselves and uploaded it to the internet of themselves torturing ducks at a nearby creek according to a report: Investigators say they have launched an investigation into a report of teens who recorded video of themselves kicking and torturing ducks along a […]

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Evil German Couple Kidnaps Eight Women And Keeps Them Prisoners In Homemade Prison For Years, Tortures Them With Electricity And Pepper Spray, Then Dismembers One Of Them And Burns The Body Parts

An evil couple from Germany kidnapped eight women and tortured them for years, including using electricity and pepper spray, and when one of the women died they dismembered her body and burned the pieces in the fireplace: These pictures show the ‘House of Horrors’ where a woman dubbed a ‘torture witch’ and her ex-husband sadistically […]

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