Did 4Chan’s Advertisements Just Expose A Secret As To Who Funds Her?

4Chan is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and in the entire world. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it is a combination image board and forum, where people post images and/or threads about various topics broken down by category in an environment that is minimally and sometimes, for most purposes uncensored. The unrestrained, virtually “anonymous” nature of the posting allows an outlet for people to express themselves the way they did when the internet first came out. This is important because one can get a sense of what people are actually thinking in society as opposed to what they say.

There are many boards on 4Chan, but the two most important and also, two of the most heavily visited are /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) and /b/ (Random). The nature of these two boards is where a large part of the unrestrained, crude, and openly degenerate behavior takes place and is also used as a testing grounds by people from not just common society, but major media outlets, corporate propagandists, and governments to socially manipulate or experiment with different ideas. It is not for children, and certainly not for the faint of heart because just as one picks up a rock and sees the filth and bugs which are underneath it, going onto these two boards is to pick up the rock of society and see what is underneath it, and to find thee pathways to the darkest corners of the internet and the darknet.

4Chan has been a major center of promoting National Socialism for years. Originally started by Christopher “moot” Poole under the name of “Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse” as an anime and random image board, he later sold his creation to Hiroyuki Nishimura, the brainchild of 2Chan and a wealthy Japanese investor and the President of “Zero Group Ltd,” which according to its website specializes in foreign technology exports and the automotive industry. Nishimura is also the “director” of Mirai Kensaku’s Brazilian branch, a company which provides “banking” and “technology” services to Brazil, including the production of video games.

The location of 4Chan’s servers or how it operates on the inside really is not known to the public, and given the ties of Japan and the USA in the rising nationalism, as well as the open national socialism promoted on the website, it is a curious place where one cannot help but ask questions about it, including its funding, as such information is kept a secret. While 4Chan says they raise money by advertisements, a site with the traffic and surely, bills it must have are incredible, and as she does not take donations, one must wonder where she earns her money from.

But that said, there has been a curious change on 4Chan over the last three months.

Due to the nature of /b/ being the “free for all” board (hence the name, Random), people are known to put a lot of disgusting adult material on it, including a tremendous amount of homosexual propaganda (the saying “Are traps gay?” originated on /b/). However, what has happened are two things. First, /b/ has been overrun with pornographic content, including a tremendous amount of adult advertising, but now has even started to market VPNs from PornHub, one of the world’s largest pornographic websites, at the end of 404 error messages when threads disappear:

This is new, because the only times that such advertisements would appear would be either within active threads or at the top of the board. It NEVER appeared in the “404” message, and it has now been appearing in /b/ as well as /pol/. In addition, there have even been pornographic advertisements that have been appearing on /pol/ herself, which is also unprecedented. Likewise, the pornographic advertisements are usually for Brazzers Network or Reality Kings, both of which are owned by PornHub.

How curious.

Years ago, the infamous American Jewish pornographer, Al Goldstein, made the following statement:

The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism. (source)

Likewise, it is a known fact that pornography in the USA came into existence with the Roth vs. United States case, in which a Jewish American illegal pornography dealer, Samuel Roth, won a court case that opened the way to the production of pornographic material in the USA.

It has also been discussed here that there is a direct connection between National Socialist philosophy and the Kabbalah, something which is unique to Rabbinic Judaism and has been a defining characteristic of said spirituality since the death of Christ, and that there were many Jews who were indeed Nazis or were loyal to eugenicist concepts of German supremacism.

In the light of all these questions, one needs to ask, who owns PornHub?

PornHub, like many major adult companies, is very shady and uses a series of shell companies to hide their business ownership. However, all of their “businesses”- both the actual website as well as the pornographic studios they operate- fall under the umbrella of a company called “Mindgeek” (also known as ManWin), was founded by a German man of unknown family history or personal beliefs named Fabian Thylmann. He later sold his company to a group of five people- Feras Antoon, Ouissam Youssef, Stephane Manos, Matt Keezer, and David Marmorstein Tassillo.

There are some curious facts about these five:

-All five of the investors after Thylmann attended Concordia University during the early 2000s, a major university in Canada with a large Jewish population and center dedicated to Jewish studies.

-With the exception of David Marmorstein Tassillo, all of them met while at university and started their own pornographic company shortly thereafter.

-Almost nothing is definitively known about the background of all of these people in terms of their family histories or personal beliefs on anything.

-While it is yet to be proven definitively, with the exception of two of them (Antoon, Manos), all of them have names that either sound “German-ish” but have uncommon/curious spellings or origins in comparison with other German names and as such suggest they are not originally German but were adopted by an outside group attempting to “Germanize” itself (Keezer, Tassillo, Thylmann) or directly indicate potentially strong Jewish roots (Marmorstein, Youssef).

There are also some interesting photos that have been taken from inside of the MindGeek offices which have circulated on the internet:

Note the decoration on the ceiling in the background, center of the photo

There is much to investigate here, and more that will inevitably reveal itself in time.

However, it is highly curious that one can show how 4Chan, which is one of the biggest sources of promoting National Socialism and homosexuality on the internet is owned by a Japanese investor with ties to major industrial interests, and that while finances are unknown as well as other backers, the very advertisements on the site intended to raise money show a strong connection to a major pornographic company owned by what appears to be a cabal of predominately Germanic and Jewish investors, meaning that by extension, their support of 4Chan is directly supporting the national socialism being promoted on it in a self-feeding cycle, and it is one of the most popular websites on the internet and especially in the USA.

How interesting that as the USA cheers for nationalism and support of the President and are leaning towards submitting to the desire for war being promoted by the Israeli lobby, she is also loosening the post World War Two restraints placed on Germany and Japan at the same time both countries are remilitarizing. As 4Chan is a major outlet of information and Internet culture, one can see that it is but a reflection of the aims of Gladio, where American, German, Japanese, and Jewish financial and industrial interests are concentrating money and power into their domain at the same time eugenics and the desire for a “second phase” of “evolution” is being promoted through the union with genetic therapy and super technology.

It is common to speak of being “red pilled” while on 4Chan, and it is true that there has been good done by some posters on 4Chan in helping bring people to the discussion of uncomfortable or inconvenient truths, which is a problem that every generation faces in different forms. However, this must not be used to obscure a darker reality, which is that not only is National Socialism not a form of mental or social enlightenment, but that many of the same interests claiming to “red pill” people are actually working to convince them to accept another drug. It is the heroin dealer telling the cocaine user to stop using cocaine because it is bad for him, and that he should take up heroin instead because it is better, when the truth is that neither drug is good because both are evil.

The true “red pill” is what is found in one’s Bible, that there is a war for man’s soul, and that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and that to follow Christ in truth is to realize the filthy truths of this world and to struggle against them and on the difficult path towards heaven.


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